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What do you get from #socialselling ? It's a sad state of affairs in most cases.
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Thank you for sharing Micheal.
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Walking Doesn't Work
One of the smartest, shortest and useful sales prospecting articles I've seen this year. The 1.5 minutes you'll invest is money in the bank. Seriously. +Kenny Madden's post is that good, important.   

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And for the record, it pains me to post this ugly link. Just look at how LinkedIn's links display. No title. No summary. It's a nightmare.
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Provoke more email response from buyers by interrupting them gracefully 

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Pretend I offered you $100 for answering questions about your favorite sports icons. Celebrities. If your "politician of choice" is smart. If you like mushrooms on your pizza. OR you can answer questions about yourself -- and get paid nothing.

Harvard researchers did. And it turns out you will give up between 17 and 25% of your potential earnings to talk about yourself rather than your customer.

Do you talk too much about yourself when prospecting?
When you send email?

Let me help you stop. Next week. Join us.

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The job of your subject line is to get your email opened—in a way that doesn’t backfire in your face.  Print these off and hang them on your wall. Give them a try. One of them is totally weird but works on #LinkedIn.
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Precisely, Mark. One success connects to another opportunity for success... or failure. Every single word counts. Word choice, quantity, timing, etc. Continued success to you sir!
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Are you seeing ALL potential buyers when searching LinkedIn?
Ever feel like you're not seeing ALL potential prospects on LinkedIn -- when searching its database of buyers? In most cases LinkedIn's search function doesn't reveal the full monty. If finding new buyers to call on is a priority join me, Bruce Johnston and a seller who's been struggling.

Bruce will demo a method to “massage” LinkedIn -- so it spits out ALL potential leads with less garbage. No theory. No “secrets revealed.”

Just a better way most of us overlook.

I have space for 100 of us -- so register quick.

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In what could be the most useful read on #linkedin  all year,  +Bruce Johnston explains LinkedIn to a client. And it doesn't go well.

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Sales teams are spending big bucks on LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Mostly to access LinkedIn’s database and InMail—getting into prospects’ in-boxes. From $30,000 to $250,000 sales teams are “all in.” But marketing teams are making a costly mistake when training sellers on social selling. They're setting sellers up for failure...

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If you're not getting 40% + cold email & InMail response rates you're wasting time and $. Here's exactly how a seller I know is getting it done ...
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+David Masover says once sales mangers feel you're forcing them to be completely independent, it may be too late (i.e. the teenage years), but as they go from diapers onwards, parental guidance is key. What do you think? 

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nada xd 
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I see a LOT of people doing this. Remember: LinkedIn InMail is NOT the place to be experimenting with your email messaging technique unless you have confidence in your subject line's ability to get opened.

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Have him in circles
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Social selling trainer | Professional speaker
Social selling speaker, social selling trainer, sales keynote speaker, sales trainer, social selling expert.
  • Molander & Associates Inc.
    CEO, 1997 - present
    Molander & Associates Inc. is a sales training firm. Jeff Molander is a sales prospecting trainer specializing in digital and social media. The company produces (online and on-site) events, publishes books and produces online Home Study social selling training courses that help sales reps, distributors and business owners sell more products and services, more often, using digital media. Founder, Jeff Molander is the authority on social selling and a sought-after social selling trainer to global corporations like IBM and Brazil’s energy company, Petrobras. He’s an accomplished entrepreneur, having co-founded the Google Affiliate Network and what is, today, the Performics division of Publicis Groupe in 1999. He serves as adjunct digital marketing faculty at Loyola University’s school of business. Jeff is author of Off the Hook Marketing: How to Make Social Media Sell for You, the first book to show how any business can make social media produce sales using an effective, repeatable system. Jeff is different from most sales prospecting trainers, social selling speakers and sales keynote speakers because he brings a view like no other. If you’re looking for a sales prospecting trainer who shows chief executives, students, sales reps or business owners how to make social media sell Jeff Molander is for you. Audiences come away from Jeff’s speeches, workshops and products with greater clarity on how to create more leads and sales using a practical, hype-free approach to social & digital technologies.
  • Google Affiliate Network (today, Performics)
    Co-founder, VP Sales & Marketing, 1998 - 2000
    Developed business plan for, co-founded and grew the company which was ultimately acquired by DoubleClick in 2004 and Google in 2007. In 2008, the Performics search division was sold to Publicis Groupe. Working with the CEO, took the business from concept to start-up and finally on to an operational company -- hiring a management team members and helping to close two rounds of venture funding along the way. As a result of my leadership the company today works for category-leading companies such as Time Inc., Discover Card, Eddie Bauer, Joseph A. Bank, West Marine, Neiman Marcus, Blair Corporation, Bose and the Orvis Company.
  • Corplex Inc.
    Sr. Sales Manager, 1995 - 1997
    Regionally represented Scitex Digital Video and their ImMIX® digital nonlinear video editing products during a period when they were launching attack on Avid. Managed rental business; provided corporate and private clients with broadcast equipment on rental basis.
  • Image Base
    Sales Executive / Writer & Director, 1993 - 1995
    Charged with new client development for a corporate-focused multimedia communications company providing meeting, product marketing, internal communications and other video-focused support to a variety of clients including telecommunications, non-for-profits, manufacturing, healthcare and food industry. Wrote and directed much of what I brought into the company.
  • West Suburban Hospital Medical Center
    Public/Community Relations Coordinator, 1990 - 1003
    Managed a busy CCTV & audio-visual services department at this 500 bed community hospital. Served needs of hospital administrators, medical directors and physicians. Created, produced and directed first serious cable TV programming and recruitment video programs for various teaching units including their respected Family Practice Residency program.
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Jeffrey Molander, Jeffrey G. Molander
Helping good closers get more doors opened, faster w/ digital tools
I'm helping sellers who are good at closing get more doors opened. Need more appointments, faster? I'll show you an unusual (but effective) communications approach. I'm a sales prospecting coach, keynote speaker, social selling trainer & publisher of education products.

My methodology is:


Sellers leave my workshops, online training & speeches able to:

♦ attract customers by sparking their curiosity;
♦ guide buyers to self-qualify/disqualify themselves;
♦ set appointments with potential customers faster.

- Co-founded the Google Affiliate Network in 1999
- 20 yrs. of selling & managing sellers
- Clients include: Petrobras (Brazil’s energy company), Leica Geosystems, IBM, XO Communications, Quicken Loans Mortgage Services

I help you attract buyers with words. To be effective with social/digital you need a repeatable PROCESS to:

1) Spark buyers' curiosity based on a pain, fear or goal.
2) Provoke buyers to act (invite a discussion).
3) Connect it to what you sell.

Reliably. Consistently. At scale, yet personal.

The only way to get more response & appointments using LinkedIn, Google+, blogs, YouTube & is to use this systematic approach.

Within 90 days of training, 80 percent or more is forgotten. Improving prospecting results demands on-going coaching.

If you are a seller (and put forth a reasonable effort) I will help you get more appointments set, faster, using LinkedIn, email and more.

You'll leave my coaching w/ better habits & materials (scripts, etc.) that work.

Every dollar you invest is track-able to your appointment-setting and close rates. 

Off the Hook Marketing, ( is first to show how to make social media produce leads & sales.

☎ Call me: 312-957-6020

⌨ Email me: jeff - at -

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