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Come discover the messaging approach you should have been using all along.
FRIDAY!! LIVE! FREE! I'll share real life examples of unsolicited messages decision-makers love to read--and ACT on. We'll cover LinkedIn InMail, email and all social media. You'll leave the training with: 1) Copywriting templates & formulas to create effective messages (that get response) 2) An easy way to spark more response to emails & updates 3) A communications technique to provoke curiosity in what you sell (without sounding pushy or salesy)

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Social Selling: For Dummies
What if selling more on social media was as easy as sparking buyers' curiosity in you? Encouraging them to ask questions you have answers to? What if it was as simple as these 3 steps?
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3 LinkedIn Summary Examples (That Create Leads)
Here is a quick guide to creating your LinkedIn summary -- using 3 examples as models. Take these tips and structure your profile summary to provoke more response from prospects. This will help nudge your prospect on LinkedIn. Provoke them to contact you more often. 

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Time to read: 3 minutes. Here is a quick guide to creating your LinkedIn summary. I’ll include tips you probably haven’t heard before … and give you 3 summary examples for sales professionals. Take these tips and structure your profile summary to provoke more response from prospects. This will help nudge your prospect on LinkedIn. Your new Summary: Simple,Continue Reading...
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Thanks, +Marc Zazeela. Very practical approach. You speak very practically too -- nice (your videos... and congrats, btw, on having one of the working microphones).

The WHAT WE CAN DO section is super-pithy. Love it. Very easy to read... and gives me a flavor for your character. How is it I am not following you here on G+ and we are not linked at LinkedIn? Did you set up new accounts? I'm positive we were connected on LinkedIn ... unless you cleaned house :)
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Why most LinkedIn training fails 
Are you sure LinkedIn training will pay-off? LinkedIn Sales Navigator training can be a great investment. But it’s easy to get lost. Knowing your way around LinkedIn only gets you so far. Without an effective, repeatable messaging approach to get appointments set you'll fail.

Here's a way to get prospects responding to InMail and Group messages. Inquiring—asking about what you sell. Plus, a template for you to start having more success today.

Having a reliable "communications methodology” is the piece most are overlooking. That’s why most Sales Navigator investments fail.

Below, I’ll give you that piece. Plus, a proven, effective template. 

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator training can be great investment. But getting a return on it demands having a effective templates. Most training does not provide
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Q: "What is a simple, effective way to tailor a sales or marketing campaign for social media?" 
A: If your campaign does not include a direct response element -- you’re sunk. You will squander all the engagement you get.

Social selling takes what already works, brings it online and improves it using direct response marketing principles.

Everything else is total hokus-pokus nonsense that blows your budget.

Responsible marketers & sellers know: 90% of what you do on social must connect to a sales process. 

More on this subject here:

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How important are things like blog posts and quality content on a website for sales?
Every piece of content you write should make the reader/viewer (potential buyer) crave more. That content needs to live somewhere. That somewhere is your blog.

You have an array of social media available to you. So your job is to figure out which platforms potential customers are using – i.e., which ponds to go fishing in – and focus on moving prospects from those ponds over to your world.

This "world" is comprised of your content on your blog, your video or your long-form content; so you can convince them to become a lead.

Social media is very much about short attention spans. So copywriting is essential.

You’ve got to be good at it.

Start writing on social platforms and grab customers’ attention, then direct them toward something “meaty.” Not just a landing page. Not just your lead generation offer. Something of substance.

Something that gets the buyer more interested in opting-into a journey you’ll take them on in your lead nurturing process.

The words we write on our long-form content need to convince customers that we are worth trading their personal information for in order to earn the lead. Otherwise, everything you do on your web site and social media will be wasted.

Start thinking of your blog as the social media lead generation hub. Effective copywriting on social platforms feeds your blog with visitors. It primes skeptical, demanding customers for your call-to-action.

And remember, every piece of content makes the reader crave more. If it doesn’t, you’re sunk!

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Watch me gently diagnose and treat Della Copp's LinkedIn profile today ►►

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Thought leadership is NOT a LinkedIn strategy 
It's the outcome of a successful thought-provocation system. Not provoking thought? You're not getting the attention, engagement & response you deserve.

This idea is what most marketers and "LinkedIn experts" are missing.

Or simply not telling you.

Because provoking thought takes a bit of work. But it's worth it.

What do you think? 

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Q: "Which social network is most useful for sales?"
A: B2B sellers are doing well with LinkedIn Groups & InMail. ADP is a great social selling example. They’re using Twitter & LinkedIn. used LinkedIn to document $72,000 in sales over 12 months.

But let's get real.

Most sellers want to know, “WHY should I spend time on social media?"

Front line sellers are skeptical because they feel social is for marketing -- to create brand image. But social is generating leads & sales too. 

If you use it to... to create curiosity in the seller.

So, "where to start and with what specific goal in mind?” is the question I get most often. 

More here:

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+Jeff Molander , have invented new vocabulary where necessary to convey my thinking. All part of "take what you do seriously, but don't take yourself too seriously". Because if the journey ain't fun, what's the point?  
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Why you should stop commenting on what people share on LinkedIn
Because what people are sharing is most often meaningless to them. Your comment on what is already meaningless won't carry much weight. It won't motivate a meaningful behavior or attitude about you.

There are lots of "experts" claiming this is a good social selling strategy -- engage with potential clients to keep in front of them. Warm them up. Comment on what they share. Like it. This will help you nurture the relationship to fruition.

I call bunk on this theory. Here's why.

In practice it almost never works. Because what your customers post on LinkedIn doesn't matter to them! 

So when WILL commenting on what they share work?

When you comment on something of meaning to them.

In other words, forget about the nature of YOUR comment. Start with the nature of what was just shared.

How meaningful was it? How thought-provoking?

If it had meaning, comment. Do so carefully. Be provocative. Provoke a new thought. Share a new piece of information the prospect likely hasn't considered or noticed.

If all you're doing is liking and contributing niceties your prospect doesn't care.

Keep it real.

What they care about is if you say things in new ways ... or cause them to stop and think differently. They care when you are a thought provoker.

Just consider: Do your comments correspond with what matters to the customer? Do they even have a chance to? Because in most cases what your customers post on #linkedin or social media doesn't matter to them either! 

What do you think?

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Your point is not to be overlooked, +Steve Faber. It's funny. I've experienced the "pump-and-dump post that yields a productive, meaning-laden conversation" as well. Seems ironic when that happens but it's nice when it does.
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Can't wait to help inside sellers at IBM use social media to sell. No buzzwords. No overwhelming strategies. Just a 3-step system to create results. Thanks to Fabiola Tisbini and Paul Cronin for inviting me to help EMEA-focused reps in Salou, Spain in April! 
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Social selling trainer | Professional speaker
Social selling speaker, social selling trainer, sales keynote speaker, sales trainer, social selling expert.
  • Molander & Associates Inc.
    CEO, 1997 - present
    Molander & Associates Inc. is a boutique education and training company showing professionals across the globe how to make social media sell for their business. We produce live events and publish books, audio CDs and online training programs that help business people sell more products and services, more often, using the Internet. Founder, Jeff Molander is the authority on making social media sell and a sought-after corporate trainer to small businesses and global corporations like Brazil’s energy company, Petrobras. He’s an accomplished entrepreneur, having co-founded what is today the Google Affiliate Network. He serves as adjunct digital marketing faculty at Loyola University’s school of business and is author of Off the Hook Marketing: How to Make Social Media Sell for You, the first book to show how any business can make social media produce leads and sales, starting today. Jeff is different from most social media experts because he brings a view like no other. If you’re looking for a speaker who shows chief executives, marketers, students or business owners how to make social media sell Jeff Molander is for you. Audiences come away from Jeff’s speeches, workshops and products with greater clarity on how to create more leads and sales using a practical, hype-free approach to creating sales with social media marketing.
  • Google Affiliate Network (formerly Doubleclick Performics)
    Vice President, Sales & Marketing, 1998 - 2000
    Developed business plan for, co-founded and grew the company which was ultimately acquired by DoubleClick in 2004 and Google in 2007. Working with the CEO, took the company from concept to start-up and finally on to an operational company---securing key management team members and helping to close two rounds of venture funding along the way. As a result of my leadership the company today works for category-leading companies such as Time Inc., Discover Card, Eddie Bauer, Joseph A. Bank, West Marine, Neiman Marcus, Blair Corporation, Bose and the Orvis Company.
  • Corplex Inc.
    Sr. Sales Manager, 1995 - 1997
    Regionally represented Scitex Digital Video and their ImMIX® digital nonlinear video editing products during a period when they were launching attack on Avid. Managed rental business; provided corporate and private clients with broadcast equipment on rental basis.
  • Image Base
    Sales Executive / Writer & Director, 1993 - 1995
    Charged with new client development for a corporate-focused multimedia communications company providing meeting, product marketing, internal communications and other video-focused support to a variety of clients including telecommunications, non-for-profits, manufacturing, healthcare and food industry. Wrote and directed much of what I brought into the company.
  • West Suburban Hospital Medical Center
    Public/Community Relations Coordinator, 1990 - 1003
    Managed a busy CCTV & audio-visual services department at this 500 bed community hospital. Served needs of hospital administrators, medical directors and physicians. Created, produced and directed first serious cable TV programming and recruitment video programs for various teaching units including their respected Family Practice Residency program.
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Jeffrey Molander, Jeffrey G. Molander
Social Selling Trainer | Professional Speaker
► BRIEFLY, I earn a living helping sellers net leads and sales more effectively using social media. Reps, dealers and business owners leave my social selling workshops, online training products and keynote speeches with: 

♦ Clarity on what social selling is---and is not
♦ New skills ... based on proven practices (not "guru wisdom")
♦ Better habits, attitudes ... and ideas that work

► EXPERIENCE: I co-founded the Google Affiliate Network in 1999. Today I'm a social selling trainer helping global corporations like Petrobras (Brazil’s energy company), Leica Geosystems, XO Communications and small businesses like improve sales prospecting effectiveness.

► WHAT I DO: I coach and guide sales & marketing people to turn friends, readers, fans & followers into leads, referrals, subscribers & sales using blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and more. 

► HOW I DO IT DIFFERENTLY: I don't tell you. I TRAIN you. My job is done when you can DO--not just know or remember. I'm successful when sellers prospecting habits change and they experience measurable increases in sales leads

► HOW I GET PAID: I'm a professional speaker, social selling trainer, LinkedIn trainer & publisher of education products. I energize audiences into action and am known for teaching practical techniques that work.

► MY BOOK "Off the Hook Marketing: How to Make Social Media Sell for You" was first to show how any business can make social media produce leads and sales --- not just Likes and followers.

☎ Call me: 312-957-6020 

⌨ Email me: jeff - at - 

☛ Twitter

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