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Today the Mageia project announces its delayed release candidate for Mageia 2.
Because of the delay of the rc, the final will be postponed one week, so there is enough time to react to reports about the rc.

See more in the Mageia blog:
Here we are. After some delay, Mageia 2 RC is available for the last tests before the final release. We've included a lot of bug fixes to the installation and upgrade since the beta 3 release and ...
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Try again, could be some delay with the mirrors syncing...
The script providing those download links doesn't see, if a mirror is in sync. So directly after the release it can take a while for all mirrors to catch up depending on their sync cycle.
You can always choose a mirror from manually and download from there.
X never even booted on my system (live gnome ed..) just regular nvidia...shouldn't be an issue.
Roberto: Are all the repos active? You might need somepackages from tainted depending on the codecs used in your mp4 files.
The RC is in worse shape then the betas were. After three attempted installs I've given up. The betas all installed fine but had issues otherwise. The RC got installed once and came up to LXDE. Attempting a Gnome desktop left it unable to even configure the screen. I think the QC on this isn't even up to beta level yet and I definitely don't think it should be called a Release Candidate.
That's your single opinion, we have heard quite some others. So it might be a hardware related issue.
If you want to help, go to the forums or to bugzilla and tell us, what exactly the issues were!
Hardware as in VirtualBox? I installed all previous betas in exactly the same VirtualBox configuration (default) and they worked. So either there are regressions or the RC is functionally less complete than the betas were. I'd understand if I'd used a different platform for each install but I didn't. Everytime a new beta comes out I download the ISO and install it. Every time it worked. After three attempted installs of the RC it doesn't.
Did you check the md5sum of the iso? I know of numerous installations. None reporting your problems. So as I said, if you want toi help you either describe in the forums exactly what happened, or you post bug reports about it.
I'll check. It doesn't give any visible errors during install though.
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