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We need some more testing for the beta3, so it will be released a few days late.
Read more in the Mageia blog:
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Si même les versions beta "intercalées" commencent à être retardées ...
What do you want to tell us? Asside from answering in French to an English post, so I had to use google translate first?
It looks like Mageia is a french initiative. I thought there would be some frenchies to read it.
Well, most of the founders are french, but there are at least as many non french project members now as there are french.
Mageia is a quite international project.
And when commenting on an English post, I would consider it common courtesy to answer in English.
All people reading the original posting do speak English after all or they wouldn't have read the posting at all.
You 're right. But I was speacking to french people, that's really all.
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