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lynn paden
inflicting the ode on others since 1984
inflicting the ode on others since 1984
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Abandoned Block Factory, Arkansas
by Elizabeth Lindsey Rogers

All that is left
unaccounted for:
elegance married
to rust. On the roof, rain
dwelling in the corrugations.
Some slats vanished
altogether, a blankness
giving way to sky. But the eaves
hold in perfect vertices,
refuse to abandon
their beauty, hard-earned.
High on the yellow silo,
the conveyor’s lattice
is as finely wrought
as a string instrument’s
struts and braces: precision
in every coordinate
and all across the godlike slant
from tower to the ground.
There would be no time at all
if not for moss swelling
in concrete cracks,
the guard rails papered
by lichen. If not for the rest
of the world, the silence
it attempts to punctuate:
crow caw. Engine roar.
Horns of every pitch
and color. The train’s
shuddering Doppler,
crossing us now—as always—
in near-perfect intervals. Even
though there is no tangible
good to stop for,
nothing whole to take away.

more about poem here:
more about the abandoned plant here:

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February 8,1945

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deep thoughts

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good to see this man back. i'll have to get serious about getting sirius so i can listen to his new show.

more details about his new venture here:

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very informative..... 

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We met in a beautiful place,
You danced, I talked
I go back there every single day
I’m still there, but you’re not

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Kelly Carlin:

As he’d done for so many others, Shandling offered himself as confidant and mentor. “Garry came to five or six different iterations of my solo show over the six-year period that I did it,” she said, referring to a production based on her memoir, A Carlin Home Companion: Growing Up with George. “There is a point in the show where it’s the darkest day for my family. I was about 10 years old, and my parents were brandishing knives at each other, and I was the sole keeper of the peace in the family. It was really scary for me to go [to that emotional moment] onstage. Garry reminded me that if I was not willing to show the pain and the rage and the despair I felt in that moment, then the ending of the show”—a healing phone conversation with her father—“would have much less meaning and impact.”
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