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Ok folks, we are moving into the season of “eating”. It starts with Halloween, a mere three weeks away, and doesn’t let up until January first. How do you cope with it all? Do you just throw up your hands and indulge with abandon and deal with self recriminations come January first? Or, do you put up with the denial and deprivation of not giving in?
Keep reading for the my go to strategies for dealing with the season of "eating".

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Frustration Falls:
Four Strategies to avoid falling into life's frustrations.

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Did you know fat does not make you fat?
Check out my last WELLNESS LETTER and learn why. You will also find a Super Simple Guacamole recipe.
If you like what you see sign up for the wellness letter and receive it every month straight to your mailbox. If you go through my web site you will also receive my free report on how to manage  stress instead of it managing you!
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Here is my lastest blog post.
Find out why age is no excuse for disability  as our chronological numbers creep forward.

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Great info on Lyme Disease Prevention.
Check it out and pass it on!

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Here is a snippet of my latest blog post.
What are your thoughts on "detoxing".

Anti-Detox: Myths about dieting and what to do instead.

It seems to me that there are "detox diets" every where these days. They are literately springing up all over, truly May flowers! As I pondered this phenomena, I realized that the quick fix is still a motivating force when we want to lose weight, get healthy, and fit. However, this is what I have learned on my journey for my own well-being and that of my clients and what they struggle with:

continue reading...

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Hi All, 
Very first post on google +.
Here is my most recent blog post:
Recently, I have been working with some clients who are  experiencing major life-altering diseases. The question that keeps arising in our conversations is what they did to cause their illness. 
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