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Lynette Young
Co-Founder @ClaimWizard ★ Professional Speaker ★ Vintage & Pin Up Fan
Co-Founder @ClaimWizard ★ Professional Speaker ★ Vintage & Pin Up Fan

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Have any tips on how to keep in touch with your kids when you travel for work?

It's a great day when a small business coaching client needs to put some future sessions on hold because she just sold her business & is heading on a (long neglected but very much earned) vacation!!

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I had a boss once upon a time that liked to shake hands like this. He was creepy. He only did it to women. EW.

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I may use this as background noise at work...

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A year from now you wish you had started today.

Get started.

Believe what you SEE with your own eyes. Believe what you HEAR with your own ears. Gaslighting happens when we doubt our own truths.

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Lessons for us ALL.

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Working from the house most days rocks but... sometimes it's lonely!

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I'm crushed over losing #CarrieFisher. As a little girl, I saw Star Wars "A New Hope" 26 consecutive weeks. To say her characters have impacted me is an understatement...

Holiday Confession: I've never seen "Love Actually," "It's a Wonderful Life" (but I did get it on DVD years ago as a gift,) or "Miracle on 34th Street."
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