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Do you prefer reading on paper or on a screen? Whatever your answer, research shows that your brain may still prefer paper. Reading relies on areas of the brain dedicated to object recognition, meaning your brain creates a mental map of the entire text and uses physical placement to remember content (for example: bottom corner of the left page). Most digital devices interfere with this ability to map text, which can inhibit reading comprehension. In addition, scrolling can use up cognitive resources by forcing you to concentrate on the text’s movement — and the more attention you divert to motion, the less you have to spare for comprehension. Do you find it easier to read and understand text written on paper? Share this post with friends and let us know in the comments. 

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Paper, Screens screw with my eyes if i'm not looking at moving objects on them.
it depends on what i'm reading... books, especially textbooks, i prefer paper.  But for articles, short stories- anything short- i prefer online.  But once you throw in interactive media, then I'm undecided :)
old School!  paper,  i'm afraid hahahaha!!! i assume  the transition BEFORE xtra additional memory set
+ video generator  implementation into my brain !... 
I love and will always love paper.  The feel, the look, the sound when a page is turned.  No batteries, no back lighting, no bull____.
i really think Nook books are convenient, and I don't notice any lack of comprehension,
for close reading, definitely paper, with pen in hand.
if ur giving akid he or she first face ze giver if ze face is bad he run away iam also scared with that style its good in single schools because boys may read legs of girls with such under dressing.
I knew there was a reason I prefered paper.
Paper...I need to feel the paper or text to be mentally engaged when reading
I don't think that girl is wearing any pants. Why is that girl not wearing any pants? 
Screen because u can adjust the size of letters.
Paper. I like the feel of holding the book in hand. And the size, turning the page, and the fact that it's much less likely to get damaged so I can carry/take it with me anywhere.
Conditions often dictate the choice.
Readers are limited in graphics and tactile sensation. Often a pain in the--- when I need clarification or to make notes.

Paper, you gotta enjoy the classic. I always seem to want to print out my notes and work, i like it
Kindle. Paper is too heavy sometimes and the pages fold and you can't hold it while lying, and you have to look for the next page with your fingers. Kindle or lap top - much better
I dont see this as contradiction, this post does not count as reading but social media sharing. Its like you're telling lumosity they should send you letters instead of emailing or sharing on social media. >< it is obvious they are talking about books, graphic novels and what have you.
but I guess there are people who refers reading social media posts as actual reading.
paper: less distraction, away from computer humming. i work with computer, i need to spend time away from them in a sunny breezy park. And I can't understand people saying paper too heavy.... a book won't break your wrist, hit the gym.
I feel like everyone is reading on screen more than paper and my brain prefer paper because I don't to mess up my eyes  
I definitely prefer paper! 
I prefer paper.  The question is about books .
I prefer reading while wearing pants. Apparently the girl in the picture prefers reading while not wearing any pants. I thought I was weird, but I showed my wife the post and she asked the same question. 
does the brain prefer paper or a standard format? i honestly didn't think i would take to digital books to well but reading from google play books (what ever your flavour) hasn't been to much of shock to the system. but when reading from a book that hasn't been formatted correctly to it annoys me greatly.
    I prefer paper: the touch, smell, texture, size of print, shade of color of paper, etc  I feel that all of these add to the sensory experience which adds to my object recognition or as I prefer to consider it: my visualization and thus memory of what I am reading.  (And of course imagery used by the writer I am reading is enormously helpful). However, you make the statement that "your brain"  may still prefer paper. Respectfully, and as a participant, I contend  lumping all of your participants into a "you" may not be a legitimate proposal yet.  Whether an individual processes information more through his/her left brain or right brain makes a huge difference.  Left brainers being  more  field independent (not relying on visual imagery or reproducing it in their mind), may gravitate to the computer screen, and right brainer, being more field dependent (relying on images, creating or re-imaging pictures in their head, preferring paper. Thus I think your use of the word "you" is actually putting at least two different thought styles together (perhaps more) Which brings me to a question I wondered if the Lumosity researchers have considered testing their test participants, or at least having them fill out a questionnaire to find which side of the left/right continuum they may fall upon?   Further, I might wonder if the population of your test participants is more populated by one style of thinker over another?
    You also mentioned the fact that digital devices and their associated properties of movement, scrolling, can interfere with cognitive resources.  I wonder that this wouldn't actually assist some types of learners.  There is that population of Right brainers that are more kinesthetically inclined in their learning process.  That group could be excelling.  It would be very interesting if more of these various learning styles/thought styles could be differentiated.  Just a thought on a very thought provoking subject. Thank you for bringing
it up !
I prefer e-ink readers because I can set the letters size and it has no difference with paper
Yes, for me is easier reading on physical paper, however is cheaper and useful read in mobile devices
On paper, seriously I catch myself reading with out paying attention when I read on screen. 
it feels like paper to me, but maybe it's just habit.
screen. paper is really lousy in terms of searching, context menu options and clipboard operations 
I have always preferred a reading a book to the screen. I often cant comprehend what I am reading on screen for too long.
depends on the purpose for reading. Pure enjoyment and sitting at home, paper. Pure enjoyment but out and about, screen. For researching, or taking notes, screen since it has so many more opportunities for exploration and deeper learning.
Ella A
I prefer to read on paper, not only because I feel I can focus better but also because I prefer the tactile pleasures that paper provides verses a touch screen or computer screen.
I prefer to read on a screen because i feel like i was ALWAYS need to keep moving. SO i love being able to constantly slide the page down and keep reading.
It depends on what I'm reading honestly. Novels and Manga I absolutely prefer reading the paper format. On the other hand textbooks, comics, and magazines I prefer to read on the digital formats. I think this an interesting fact, because it does become much harder to remember certain things that I'm reading. I wish there was a better digital bookmarking and highlighting feature in digital readers so I could at least hold on to the interesting things I read in a more organized manner. 
paper I like to touch what I read and linger on specific pages.  besides if device breaks your screwed
actually i prefer to smell and touch without wearing any pants!! could be an option to read in the bedroom i guess......
Yeah, I love the texture of the paper- the smell and how the words jump out at you. I love the books, new and old that have this powder on them, that makes your eyes tired. AS SOON AS YOU OPEN IT AND YOU CAN BE WELL RESTED TOO!  Plus if you support electronics TOO much- well you should ask yourself... what are robots. That's just a idea for those who think the world has an ending due to us humans. I still like electronics though!
Pop up paper.  To used to things moving around:)  3D tablets?
I like reading in a actual book...its more satisfying. ..
Both. As long as what I'm reading is interesting. 
I believe its true, I have a tablet but I find that reading a book its more personal to me.
I started reading a book finally and its on my phone
I prefer reading on screen because there are Ctrl + F feature
And if i dont understand a word, on screen I can just select a word and my phone will find the definition which is pretty cool
Paper: para mi siguen siendo más confiables mis anotaciones hechas a mano sobre un texto impreso.
paper i guess is better i hate the screen because of the light affects my eyes after awhile
screen makes my eye irritating, paper's more healthier and user friendly
I avoid reading longer texts on the screen because my eyes prefer paper. I use to take notes and mark interesting passages with textmarkers in 2-3 colours.
Paper. I can't stand screens!
Reagind novels and large texts is better on paper
I definitely do prefer to read on paper, understand and retain more what I read so!
Screen. It saves me the stress of carrying bulky sheets.
Yes.  I feel as though looking at the computer screen strains my eyes.  When I read on paper, it is more relaxing.  Sometimes I wonder if my eyesight has been affected by using compu- ters.
Alot if interesting thoughts NDeeD! Consequently to all thosee who prfer paper-could you interactively share thoughts with such a wide audience? It seems the purpose of reading may support the medium and/or the device. It is much easier to research, cross - reference, and search complimentary and supplementary information with digital-conbectef devices. Therefore, it is the consumption of information and the atmosphere to consume it that is at issue: Much like a fastfood stop to keep moving with other tasks-digital acces and convenience-versus a gourmet seven-course feast-a novel or long format Manga, biography, or dissertation of the theory of relativity's affect on time travel. The bottom line is that we are all informavoires and choose the meal based on the need-a "read-to-live" or "live- to-read" proposition. Btw: to all those visual folks inspecting the shadows of the picture - a picture is worth s thousand words, so choose your thoughts wisely. 
P.S. another benefit is the ability to edit your comment before final post-on android device at least-no white out necessary...
Paper is the best to read than screen specially with you have a problem with your eyes. 
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