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Lucy Robinson
Mother / Writer / Poet / Sky Worshipper / Day Dreamer / Tree Hugger
Mother / Writer / Poet / Sky Worshipper / Day Dreamer / Tree Hugger

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It’s easy to lose the way. The way is completely subjective, after all. What you love will be different than what your mother or father or brother or sister or partner or best friend or enemy loves.

In this day and age, distractions are as abundant as opportunities. We have to stay mindful of our daily activities. Are we staying true to our heart’s desire?

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I open to

Acceptance / Being enough / Needing not stuff the spaces between moments with nothing but joy 

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She is numb
Held hostage by unconsciousness
His want replaces love
Her love replaces anger

#rape   #daterape   #sexualassault   #poem   #poetry  

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I quiver beneath the power that I am / but I do not crumble. #poetry   #poem  

The longer I parent the more I understand that the wild freedom experienced by Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden is the perfect metaphor for childhood. 

In other words my 4 year-old was running around naked outside A LOT today. 

Instead of apples we have gummy vitamins in a childproof container. And yes she's the one who picks them from the tree (climbs on a chair to get them out of the cupboard) while her brother plays innocently outside. And yes he accepts and enjoys the forbidden fruit when she offers it. 

Since I bought the gummies I guess that makes me the serpent. Oops.

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#poem   #poetry   #morningcoffee   #morningsky  

"Possibility looms in the form of light flooding from the east, clouds streaking the dome of sky."

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This post inspired by Anaïs Nin, Heller Keller and the question: do I believe in myself? Do you?

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Do you think about the passage of time? What about the memories so faded you're not sure if they happened here or in your dreams? 

As I watch my children grow, their spirits and minds and bodies unfolding at a rapid pace, I find myself drowning in nostalgia. How much of this will I remember? How much will I forget?

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Check out my latest review for +Tipsy Lit.

Charles Duhigg author of The Power of Habit explains how the latest brain research shows why we don’t have as much control over our actions as we’d like to think. We’re stuck in the habit loop of cue > routine > reward. He presents a compelling narrative on why habits matter and how we can regain some control.

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I am so very excited & honored to share this author interview and book review on Erika Herman's brilliant book about the untold story of healthy foods.

Though I am a former vegetarian who has dabbled in veganism, I've shifted clear to the opposite end of the spectrum and, as an omnivore, I've never been healthier (as evidenced by my blood work) and enjoying food (and life) more. Seriously.

In the review I address concerns about the planet, the animals and our health. Please read with an open mind and share your thoughts. And remember: discomfort is the doorway.
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