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Let's blame it all to the art.
Let's blame it all to the art.

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This would make a perfect living room background.

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Korean side dishes are the best. I can't think of any possible reason why not to like them. The best part of these goodies is that they've been pressed with nutrition and tradition.
반찬, Banchan
Korean side dish, banchan is served. Which one do you like most from here? Ok, let's see the name of it one by one.

From the left upper corner to clock wide direction,
전[jeon], Korean style of pancake
열무김치[yeolmu gimchi], Young radish kimchi
시금치무침[sigeumchi muchim], Seasoned spinach
무말랭이[mumallangyi], Dried radish kimchi

Lower line
김치[gimchi], Kimchi
김치볶음[gimchi bokkum], stir-fried kimchi
콩나물무침[kongnamul muchim], Seasoned bean sprout
양배추무침[yangbaechu muchim], Seasoned cabbbage salad

Ok, here is a set of spoon. Grab it and go for banchan !!!

#Banchan #sidedish #Koreanfood


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talk about Sakura Micron pen, this is what I've got.

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Spirited Away's One Summer Day. Nothing beats the solemn tune of its intro. Reminds me of my Sunday cozy afternoons.

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Happy Anniversary with!
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Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!

Who likes Mondays?

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Some of my illustrations are posted here...come and visit my page for Pete's sake!

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My cash is gone faster than the blink of my eyes. 
Animated Photo

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The not so Newton episode by John Atkinson.

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Featured artist for the week

Onur Yeldan. 
 He's an animator at DreamWorks Animation. I  first met him on instagram and I was astounded by how simple but remarkable his watercolor skills are. 

Please do follow him and see his arts here:
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