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If your advertising is shoved in my face in a public space, it's fair game.

Interesting perspective from Banksy and one that's worth pondering.
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I think this kind of mind set could solve a lot of problems. The ability for artists to keep large sources of power in check is being lost to a certain degree and the nature of the remix generation is one that could bring that back to the forefront.
This is accurate and awesome... I just migh have to gaffle it from you!
+Nick Hide Every idea is conceived from another... I'm interested in checking out the original writing also, but whether people are exposed to the source or not, I think the important part is that they receive the message through any means willing to share the truth. I'm gonna check out your link and share that one as well!
I could not agree with that statement more!
+Nick Hide Thanks for that, was a good read and it introduced me to the original one which it was inspired by. Some of it is clearly taken from it if not directly then at least in spirit.

You can see the comparison here:
i am also annoyed by the increasing number of adults with the inability to express themselves as adults, who instead use the obscenity polluted language of a rebellious 14 year old. i really don't understand the point. it looks ridiculous, weakens the message, and limits the number people who will share it with others.
AMEN!! if everyone else wasnt so caught up in what they look like then there would be soooo much less drama and everyone could have more fun and not care what anybody looks like or there race/color. honestly you shouldnt care what you or anyone else looks like
did you know most of this "quote" was actually taken from someone else, a magazine from a while back. not banksy. tho, it does kinda make sense that he stole most of the quote. it is from Tejaratchi's essay "Death, Phones, Scissors," published in Crap Hound magazine in 1999 (edit, just saw that Nick pointed this out above - and Lucas who posted a comparison, that's not the original from Crap hound zine, check the original out, Bansky straight plagiarized it
+archer rehcra If you're going to get all high and mighty about the language used and how it's a "polluted language of rebellious 14 year olds". You might wanna try and learn how to begin and structure sentences and maybe take a look at how adjectives are used in context as well.

You're in no position to call this juvenile.
+archer rehcra Good for you, what's the point? Care to actually discuss something relevant to the matter or just criticize ?
can i start?....... -Wanksy you like that, huh??! ;DD or maybe: now please make a donation into my ....wait for it........ BANKSY ! :DDD i could do this for FOREVER!!! :D
Well of course unless you're an Apple bot making your pilgrimage to Cupertino!
I can understand the argument that the language used is sensationalized, plagiarized but.... At least it's being discussed, pondered, considered, etc.

You can criticize it all you want, but in my opinion the goal of artistic pursuit is to evoke a reaction and generally speaking those who are critical do very little to promote the discussion happening in other ways.
yea idk what your talkin bout but yeaa
Nice! I think I'll write a song about it.
Ryan H.
Yet - we use Google+ by which Google can use the collected data to present us more relevant advertising. Hrm.
already done that, ignoring the advertisers, that is. your best bet would be to stop watching tv, but that would be far too painful for the unthinking masses. most are already unable to think for themselves, and removing tv would e like removing their brain. i say fuck everybody, reinstate survival of the fittest. the strong will survive. the weak shall not inherit the earth.
Funny that they used Coke's font with the F-bomb. Watch for #MaxBarry's "Syrup" coming to theaters before long. Or go check out the book. Fun commentary on corporations and marketing/advertising.
Idealistic and admirable thinking, but logically flawed. We don't live in a vacuum. By living in a capitalistic society, we actually have given them the permission to utilize advertising to their utmost ability.
While your libertarian viewpoint is valid and advertising today is very intrusive, I submit that your indictment of "corporations" in general is too broad and stereotypical. Remember that Americans control, work, and prosper within these "evil" companies. Copyright laws and IP were enacted by people like yourself that were robbed of their good ideas and ability to profit from their hard work. Simply defacing Coke's advert, only raises the issue, but it in itself is not a solution anymore than the Occupy events. We are Coca-Cola, as much as we are CNBC and Nike. We work and innovate as Google or General Motors. The company structure is not the devil. If you want a target, look to and the Obama administration. In my opinion, the Left is the biggest threat to freedom today. More laws like DMCA and over 700 new Federal Regulations has come from Pelosi and Harry Reid. The progressive or "liberal" view is sure that the government knows best and should "encourage" you to make the "right" decisions. Obama has already told you how you will get health insurance, what kind of light bulbs you buy, how much water you can use in your shower, and where and when you can protest. These people are individuals that actively think and act on methods to manipulate your mind, unlike Pepsi that will try and convince you to buy something you don't need or want. I leave you with ObamaCare that dispenses with advertising and simply forces you to buy something you don't need or want. I want my liberty back.
+Thomas Im It's a very valid point, the business model of old that's still being supported pushes us in this direct. However, i think part of the way of changing this is to bring attention to the matter at hand and begin discussing objectively what impact advertising has on our culture and what it's leading us towards.
Simple-If you don't like the ad, don't buy the product. (PS--The "F" word is so commonly used these days, it's losing its shock value.)
Damn straight. I may one day have to use this post as part of my defence.
Las pantallas gigantes no son propiedad publica, los autobuses no son propiedad publica, el tiempo en el aire de la television o radio no es gratis, ni publico... asi que decir que tu puedes decir o hacer lo que sea con cualquier medio (o campaña) publicitario es simple deseo anárquico y con puras ganas de joder. A lo mucho, puedes analizar la publicidad y ajustarla a tus necesidades. Si no te gusta un comercial, no compres el producto. Si el problemas es que te molesta la polucion visual en tu medio ambiente, Escribe a tus representantes politicos para que retiren la publicidad. Si tus representantes no te escuchan, puede ser por dos razones: 1. Tu peticion no es para el bien o interes comun. 2. Eres simplemente insignificante.
The sentiment is fine, but if plagiarised it's unforgivable.
It is about time someone has written up this post for everybody to see!
Banksy never asked my permission for putting this into the public sphere so fuck him too!
I suggest you all take a minute to think about all of the "free" google products you use before you +1 this thing... Just sayin'
Dude don't ever please not put something like that on my wall AGAIN!
+Nicholas Blair You think Google doesn't make money off of being used? It's great and everything, but they're not doing community service.
I hear you Fred! That's my kind a guy, Big on the balls, and light on the jaws! Talk is cheap, and besides, who the hell needs the lip service anyway? By the way Fred, who the fuck is Banksy? :-)
i only rad the first sentence it was to much
Now that makes perfect sense. I like it.
Advertising - the art of convincing people to buy shit they don't need, often using loaned money they don't have, to keep them churning away on the hamster wheel, and "contributing" to the greater good (of the elites at the top of the steaming pile)...
Here's an idea. Instead of getting offended, don't buy it and/or don't look at it. They put it there because it works and sells stuff. If people stop buying, they stop placing it. You DO have the power...
Advertising makes products get better and improve. Its a huge reason we have all of the things we have available to us, such as Google+. Google wouldn't have these services if it wasn't for advertising. "The Advertisers" try to put out a message that will be received well by people. If you're unhappy with advertising it is the fault of the 'average person' or their 'target market' more than their marketing strategy. If you vandalize advertising there will probably be legal repercussions.
Oh wow! Banksy brings up a very good point there.
This "add had so many vulgarities in it that i cant, i refuse to read it!
This is by far one of the best info-photos I have ever seen online anywhere.
Amazing! Never gave a thought for that.. Advertisers are throwing shits at every place we see, And we are bound to see what ever they show.
Some advertisements i see when i walk, i hate and i find them really annoying. Companies are coming up with ridiculous ways of begging for us to give them money - email, SMS, over-the-phone the list goes on. All they have to do and produce something that everyone will like and want to buy at a reasonable price.
i used to feel this way when I was 15. I tune it out now just like parents tune out their screaming children.
Any advertisement the belittles a human is fair game.
A simple solution: ignore it, see through it, laugh at it.
(Joker voice): "Why so serious?" -_-
Hmm ... This whole rant against advertising is posted on an site and application provided by a company whose majority of income comes from advertising. The world is a strange place.
+Michael Velik I think that most if not all people commenting on this thread know that already, it's how a majority of the internet works. So, where should i post it?

I think that out of all the place to post it, one where it utilized might be a positive because such observations are made and when they are not someone almost always chimes in to make that side of the argument known. That to me is the positive of doing and why posting it here actually can help in a small way.
Ban billboards, they are a huge distraction to driving. Under distracted driving laws they should be illegal. You can't read/look at them unless you're not paying attention to WHAT YOU'RE DOING, which should be driving.
WTF is with Joe Carpenter's long-ass response?
Would you like some cheese with this whine?
Says a guy that puts his images on property he doesn't own?
Was better before the advertisement was tacked onto the bottom.
It's funny because it's true. The irony of advertisements is companies inject them into the public sphere and then are upset when people refer to them in anything other than the most flattering context.
"every day". Despite that, it's still awesome.
Greg S
I'm down with it - I have a number of modifications in mind. The thing I can't do (yet) is reach the larger billboards I want to make the modifications to... does anyone know a good way to access that ladder thing that projects downward...?
Hunger Games was a stupid idea. But, it depict the direction of style and demand. Katniss isn't against it, she just can't afford it.
only true if you allow outside opinion to affect your self view/worth
I don't know who Banksy is, but I agree :)
I know now who Banksy is, and I like him.
yes it is very hard to do fair things in human society, is a tough thing so things happen in out there is Whoever big eats small people like us :(
+James Bedford banksy has said "yes" to that question may times before - he's state that his imagery is free to be ripped off, copied, passed around, repainted elsewhere - so long as you don't sell it [if a complete reproduction] or sell it as being him, if a parody...