An amazing cinematic experience of an unbiased view of beauty of different cultures

I'm assuming because of the general awareness level in terms of art in culture of the community here that you guys have already watched "Baraka" if you have not... Stop reading this right now, do yourself a favor and watch it.

Full Movie: Baraka

This video i'm sharing with you is an edited version of the movie put to one of my favorite Tool songs ever that works perfectly with the visuals. I still remember the first time i was introduced to the movie, it hit me like a brick wall. Still to this day, Baraka is the most beautiful display of cinematography, so great at telling the story that any words narating would take away...

People often say that, i can say it better with a guitar or with my camera this is probably the single best example i've ever seen of art telling a story that words just couldn't do it justice.
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