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As of now, the iPhones are not much more than dressed up inventory checkers. Once the added functionality rolls out, they could possibly become more of a game changing device.

I would really rather Lowe's not be in bed with Apple though.

EDIT: Also, roaming on the floor payments aren't really breaking new ground. The likes of Square and Paypal already have solutions that smaller companies take advantage of.

And adding roaming payments also creates LP and in store logistics problems. There will likely be more bottlenecks at the exits while payment for goods is checked and what about paper receipts? There lies the push for MyLowes registration. But even today, not everyone even has an email address or is comfortable with cloud computing and transactions.

Paying for an invoiced order could work, but I just don't see it happening for every-day purchases anytime soon.
I totally agree on not getting tied into Apple. You guys should definitely invest in the future with electronic checkout, but just be careful that you don't shoot yourself in the foot when a newer/better technology comes down the road a year later.

Also if you do decide to go with Apple, you might want to put out a survey asking your customers their preference on device operating systems and phones.
I love the idea, but think you should not just limit it to Apple. Android and Windows phone 7 are available on many more carriers. You might want to include them so you don't exclude any of your customer base.
The Lowe's app is available for iPhone and Android. The iPhones in the article are used by the associates in the stores.

WP7's app selection is sparse across the board because they have little market share and developers don't always want to devote the resources and time to make apps for such a small base.
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