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Lower Forge Brewery & Distillery
Bringing Friends Together with Craft Brewed Beer and Locally Distilled Spirits
Bringing Friends Together with Craft Brewed Beer and Locally Distilled Spirits
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It's been two months since we turned a corner and signed a lease on a great place on South Main Street in Downtown Medford.  Work is going great - but we're starting to get a lot of feedback that maybe the whole "we'll only share every now and then" (which worked when we were struggling to find a location and didn't have an opening date set down) isn't the best idea now.  Our next updates were going to be late this month with some preview pics of what we're up to and an announcement on gift card pre-sales and our membership program... but do you want to hear from us more often?

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Rainy Saturday and we're still working hard (that will probably be a common theme in the coming months). Just wanted to let our fans that were planning to visit Medford know that the Annual Dickens Festival on Main Street is postponed due to weather until tomorrow from 4 pm to 8pm. Although our team will be around, unfortunately any tours of the facilities will be for some of our early friends and private groups until we're further along on the interior work - we don't want anyone's first introduction to 14 South Main Street to be a piece of ceiling falling on them.

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So, we've gotten a lot of messages since signing our lease. We were going to wait until the Dickens' Festival next Saturday to announce location and unveil our updated web site (along with some ideas of what we'll be doing) - but now the team is working on getting that page up tonight, so we can kick the week off with everyone "in the know". In the mean time, with all the talk about #smallbusinesssaturday yesterday and supporting local businesses in Medford's community groups - we thought we'd share this video from Square that celebrates the entrepreneurial plunge that we're all taking (some of again, some of us for the first time).

Since a few of us will be working the "day job" tomorrow and the rest of us will be offline with family - all of us behind LFBD just wanted to wish everyone a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving! This year, we're thankful that after over a year and a half of planning and raising capital - we're moving into our space next week and starting construction on what may be New Jersey's first Brewery/Distillery since Prohibition. We're thankful for the support we've received from our community and the team of people who have taken apart and looked at every piece of our plan and made the decision to help launch our business. Finally, we're thankful for each of you guys that help spread the word by following us here, on Facebook, on Twitter, or elsewhere and share these updates with your friends.

We're planning an announcement and much more information in just over a week (just in time for the annual Dickens' Festival), and will be (re)launching our web site at some point in the next 24 hours if these last finishing touches that the team is working on fall into place.

We didn't want to wait too long without any type of update (it's been a little too long without an update to our G+ page, so this fits our "not too often" new philosophy a little too well). For anyone following, we've hit our higher funding targets we posted about last month over on Facebook and are in talks with our realtor to finally settle down, get the lease signed, and start construction. Once we figure out how we'll properly reward/treat/invite our friends for all their support over the past year and change - there will be some sort of public announcement... but there are more than a few people who deserve to hear it from us and see it first as a "thank you" for being supportive while we figured out how to bootstrap fund this business ourselves.

Well, thank you to everyone who shared and spread the word on our social media posts yesterday - it's nice to get back into the habit of keeping everyone up to date on Lower Forge. While we (as a company) won't be at the Medford Art, Wine and Music Festival this weekend, keep an eye out for our Head Brewer as he'll be around including some visits to friends and future neighbors. Considering we won't be obscuring anything on our new shirts like we have with our profile logo pic or cover picture - you might even get a hint on what we'll be up to in the near future.

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We've had a lot of questions on a few things and wanted to answer them to help put the rumor mill back on track. First the easy one: Yes, we're still working on opening.

Why the delay?  An idea has been brought up more than once in the past year by our Assistant Brewer about something else we can make and share... we didn't think it was possible until March when we realized it was not only possible - but would potentially be awesome.  Changing some of our plans has taken some time, we're still prepping information for our investors and potential investors on the change in plans and what this will mean... but it's a really good thing.

Location?  We (and be "we" in this sense I mean me, Sean) fell in love with a location that required a lot of work and a very large construction budget... so we're back looking at a very specific list that should be narrowed down soon, but part of the requirements now should cut our construction budget in half.  I can assure you guys, our fans, that I've been promised that if I fall for another location that won't fit I'm going to get some sense smacked into me... in the nicest way possible by the rest of the team.

Finally, what's the big secret?  That we can't tell you yet - but it fits, makes sense and completes the picture on what we want to do.  It also makes us incredibly unique, not just in New Jersey but in a much larger area - and it should be wild to see what you guys think the first time you walk through our doors.

Thanks for the patience, it's been over a year since we first introduced ourselves... but I think we'll be worth the wait for our friends, family, and fans.

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You may notice some changes in our web page soon and our Facebook page as well. We've spent some time the past two months changing and updating the plan to match everything we've learned in the past year from our partners, our fans, friends and fellow brewers. Because we're so excited about the direction LFB is taking, we're going to be a little sly about answering questions for a while as we move some new pieces into place alongside the work we've done so far to bring Lower Forge to life in our corner of South Jersey. To be the first to hear about what surprise ideas our team has come up with... make sure you sign up for our mailing list.

For most of March we've been pretty quiet as we hit some obstacles in our planning at the beginning of the month, thankfully we're a flexible little team and have worked with our design and construction pros to figure out some solutions before we had "boots on the ground".  Looking forward to sharing more with you guys soon as we get this thing into gear and the brewery on its way to opening.

Over the past few weeks, so many of you guys showed support for +Lower Forge Brewery and our entry into the Small Business Grant competition sponsored by FedEx.  Unfortunately, out of the nearly 4,000 entries - we weren't part of the 100 finalists even with the amazing amount of support from you guys.

Just over a week ago, we announced that we were working very hard on a project that included an upgrade to our web site and a way for you guys to continue supporting our progress towards being Medford's first craft brewery - and we're nearly ready to unveil it...  Stay tuned for more or feel free to volunteer to "beta" test the new site if you're feeling adventurous next week!
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