Playing the other half of the coin for a moment and soliciting discussion of an analogy/thought experiment (definitely not necessarily Google's opinion):

Dinner parties have dress codes, either implicit or explicit. It's just as jarring to show up in overalls at a party where everyone's wearing suits and dresses as it would be to show up in a suit for a beer after a day's work at a machine shop. How we dress, what tones of voice we use, and so on all depend on the venue, and it would be unreasonable to expect any venue to accommodate everything. Online, our profiles are the equivalent of how we dress. And Google+ is equivalent to a fancy restaurant's ambiance with white tablecloth where the dress code is 'khaki or slacks, collared shirt'.

And although this restaurant is the newest and hottest in town, there are still many other restaurants you can go to depending upon your mood and price range, ranging from your local coffeeshop (for instance, Diesel Cafe in Davis Square) where you can show up having just rolled out of bed to the Ritz Carlton where you have to put on a tuxedo or fancy dress.
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