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Surprising thing I noticed: Google's NetPAC has given Rep. Lamar Smith (the architect of SOPA) $17,000 over the past 6 years. Source:

If it's not abundantly clear, I am not a Google spokesperson. This information is a matter of public record. I think it's surprising, but my employer and I do not necessarily share opinions.
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I might be bad doing math in my head, but that is 10 dollars a day. Right?
+Kee scholten 132 distinct candidates contributed to between 2006 and 2010, but those donations are on the large size even for NetPAC according to my analysis of the data; only about 20 of those candidates have had cumulative contributions over $12,000.
Yeah that is weird, my first thought was that he must chair some critical committee but he doesn't seem to
I suppose sometimes you back a politician and then he turns out to be a moron? Can't take the money back though!
Judiciary Committee Chairman: it pays to be on his good side.
Google should buy a new congressman. This one's buggy.
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