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"Then, in October 2007, she was stopped on the street by a police officer, who took her to a police station. “State authority representatives” then made her strip nude, beat her, urinated on her. After passing out, she woke in an unfamiliar yard, to find her clothes torn and dirtied with urine and faeces."

"The Swedish Migration Board, responsible for hearing asylum applications, initially debated her case in terms of whether her “orientation” – as opposed to her trans status – was likely to cause her problems. This contributed to a decision that she could happily return to Russia with her partner, where they would be able to live out their lives as a gay couple “in stealth”."

"Appealing this decision to the Immigration Court in February 2012, Lita’s application was rejected again: this time on three grounds:
The degree of persecution that Lita had experienced was not so serious as to merit asylum being granted;"
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Fuckin' a :(
I have a friend who's an immigration lawyer (in the US) and while he hasn't mentioned transgender populations, he has lots of horror stories of his own where the US system denies asylum to people who will likely be tortured or worse upon deportation. Fortunately he does have cases where the US does grant asylum but it feels like such a roll of the dice.
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