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The ACLU, in a friend-of-the-court brief in the Stephens case, underscored the concerns that Ginsburg raised in Hobby Lobby. The implications of a ruling in the funeral homes’ favor would be “staggering,” it declared. “People hold sincere religious beliefs about a wide variety of things, including racial and religious segregation and the role of women in society. … If religious motivation exempted businesses from anti-discrimination laws, our government would be powerless to enforce those laws.”

Among other things, “business owners could refuse service to people of color, on the ground that their religious beliefs forbid racial integration. Employers could refuse to hire women or pay them less than men, because their religious beliefs require women to remain at home. And educational institutions receiving federal benefits could impose religiously motivated racial segregation policies on their students. All civil rights laws would be vulnerable to such claims where the discrimination was motivated by religion.”

Hobby Lobby, Ginsburg warned, was “a decision of startling breadth.” How broad is just now becoming clear.
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In the long run this is a good thing, because it allows the Hobby Lobby decision to be re-litigated before a supreme court without Scalia. 
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Liz Fong-Jones

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This is utterly hilarious, and so true.

I'm pretty sure I'm a combination of "Pansexual Trans Girl" and "Manic Poly Dream Girlfriend".

(seen on /r/polyamory)
The Aging Hippie with Limitless Sexual Appetite
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+Gretchen S. I think I know at least four such couples. And I've been in one of them.
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Liz Fong-Jones

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It baffles me why ordinary police are allowed to carry guns in the US. Take guns away from cops, and it makes it harder for them to murder innocent people of color on the slightest whim.

Why not adopt the UK system of dedicated firearms units kept separate from ordinary patrol duties?

#AltonSterling #PhilandoCastile #BlackLivesMatter  
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There is a pervasive gun culture in this country. And it would be unsafe to disarm law enforcement before disarming the citizens.

I'd be fine with doing both.
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Liz Fong-Jones

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I'm excited to open registration for the June NYC SRE Tech Talks next Wednesday:

I'm also excited that SRE Tech Talks are coming to Cambridge, Pittsburgh, and Dublin, IE this summer. Preregister at
SRE is what you get when you treat operations as if it’s a software problem. Our mission is to protect, provide for, and progress the software and systems behind all of Google’s public services.
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Liz Fong-Jones

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But it has the (TM) and everything! looks legit
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Liz Fong-Jones

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I don't know who made this, but it's a fun game for anyone who cares about sex workers' rights should they ever find themselves in a debate with a feminist who thinks sex work is a threat to women's rights. The acronym SWERF refers to radical feminists who exclude sex workers from the goals of equality.

(TERFs, alternatively, are radical feminists who exclude trans women. Since these two camps tend to overlap, people concerned with the right of people to self-determine often joke about harassment and abuse by feminists as the "SWERF and TERF menu".)
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For #StevenUniverse  fans this can be a hard essay to read, but I think it's important. I want to know how my fave is problematic.
If the title isn’t a clue: Your favorite queer-awesome show fails on racial lines to a horribly deep degree, and nobody cares.
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Hmm. All I know about this show is that my more annoying QTPoC friends LIVE for Garnet memes. I initially found this essay a subjective autistic over-analysis of a freakin' cartoon.

I also believe this analysis is an important, alternative lesson on the real ways racist/racialized tropes are hidden throughout American culture. Hmm.
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Liz Fong-Jones

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Systematic racism is alive and well in America.

I live in a gentrifying black neighborhood (Bed-Stuy), and as I was coming home from work today I witnessed a moped rider being run off the street into parked cars by a white SUV. A blue striped white SUV. And the moped rider was my neighbor's son, who with his friends tinkers with and welds together homemade mopeds. And sometimes rides them around the block, at reasonable and safe speeds, signaling, always going the correct way down the streets etc. OH SHIT.

Four cops jumped out of the SUV [which had neither siren nor lights on] once he'd been forced into a parked car, tackled him, and arrested him, then confiscated his motorbike. A pile of other cops came to watch, including an unmarked car with two plainclothes police and a big van to haul away the bike.

I caught the whole thing on video as soon as I realized what was going on [and yes, you should film, any time you see a person of color being harassed by the police]. Seriously, the escalation of force and arrest was unnecessary and did nothing to make my neighborhood safer. Had this kid been white, he'd have been pulled over with siren/lights and let off with a warning. Instead, he was ridden off the road, tackled, and hauled off for arrest.

The racism of broken windows, caught in action. And we wonder why there are so few black engineers. Because when they tinker and experiment, they're locked up and given criminal records.
but they quipped to me about "I bet your phone has a lot of storage space, eh"? Was afraid to get closer than standing on my own property. Liz Fong-Jones. 2h2 hours ago. Liz Fong-Jones @lizthegrey. seriously, the way to pull people over is to flash lights and wait for them to pull over, ...
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I am so sorry to hear of this further violation of civil rights +Jame Ervin . I sincerely hope that soon those rights will be rightfully given.
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Liz Fong-Jones

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I demand disarmament of the NYPD, which murders innocent black civilians at an all-too-alarming rate. Police have demonstrated they have itchy trigger fingers and can't be trusted with black lives.

NYC folks: you can call your City Council member. Look them up at

Or call the Speaker of the City Council at 212-788-7210 and encourage her to act. Her thoughts and prayers etc. at are not enough by themselves.

Hope is not a strategy. Make it harder NOW for police to take black lives, even if the longer-term solution of changing racism and systemic injustice in America will take decades.

#AkaiGurley #AltonSterling #PhilandoCastile #BlackLivesMatter
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Liz Fong-Jones

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These are snippets from the new, post- #Brexit United Kingdom. They are originally from a huge Facebook album, and I am resharing them here because some people can't access that album.

Now, some of you might think I am posting this to make an "anti-British statement. But really, I am not.

Instead, I want to make a statement how close xenophobia and racism are slumbering under the surface of society, and how easily they can emerge.

Because I suspect... no, I know damn well that the same could happen in my native Germany. There are already significant groups pandering to hate, racism, and intolerance. PEGIDA. The Alternative für Deutschland party. And if more mainstream politicians feel that they must pander to these, baser instincts - if they indicate that displaying xenophobia is something socially acceptable - then racist incidents will surge just as much in Germany as it is now happening in the United Kingdom.

This could be us.
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My white privilege came crashing down reading all these reports during the weekend. I live near Huntingdon where those notes were put through Polish people's mail boxes.

I'm an EU immigrant. It's quite a feeling to realise I could be a target at any time I'm in public space and seem foreign enough to not be 'an English rose born and bred'.

I wish people had voted Remain. I understand not everyone who voted Leave is a racist. I even go as far as saying I know we couldn't have known the racist outbursts were going to happen if Leave got the majority. I'm not calling for a second referendum, or allowing EU immigrants to vote.

All I personally want is that these reports and the expressions of shock and grief aren't being brushed off as boring and/or negativity, with the headline of 'we British now need to get to work to make this mess to work'. There are immigrants in UK too, who can't just up sticks and leave, who have to live and work in that same mess, who didn't ask for it, and want and NEED to work with British people to make it work, without feeling that their concerns and voices aren't worth the paper the politicians wipe their arses with.

UGH. I have spoken.
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Liz Fong-Jones

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Insert obligatory disclaimer: my thoughts only, not those of my employer.

Personally, I'd rather be slower to launch something than to flush my colleagues' work-life balance down the toilet.
In Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg built not just a business, but a company culture with the fervor of a messianic sect.
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Move at a reasonable speed and if you break it you bought it
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Liz Fong-Jones

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The most comprehensive summary of sex work politics you'll ever read. It discusses the difference between legalization and decriminalization, details the different approaches in various countries, explains how criminalizing clients (the Nordic or Swedish model) fails, and examines how Western feminism is placing the concerns of professional women over those of poor, vulnerable people and youth, who tend to be "rescued" by being thrown in jail, detained or deported. Read the whole thing. Twice.
A growing movement of sex workers and activists is making the decriminalization of sex work a feminist issue.
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+Kyrinn S. Eis​ France is tasting its own Medicine for which it was famous once upon a time 
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