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An admitted affair has crumbled the career of CIA Director David Petraeus, prompting the evergreen question: Why do people with so much to lose risk it all for sex?
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Could it be that men who seek power are driven by testosterone?
Could be.. Another (possibly connected) factor could be risk taking.
To reach power you have to take risks, and will most likely continue being a risk taker even after you have reached a position of power.
In fact power probably gives you the illusion of being able to control risk, which makes you even more susceptible.

Alright, I'll read the article now, perhaps the answer is in there?
Perhaps monogamy is simply unnatural, after a certain age particularly. Once child rearing is over, there is no further survival-related reason for a couple to stick together; why not stray? And it's in a man's gene's to spread them as far and wide as possible; we just can't get over it. There's good species survival support for that too. Reproduction is what living things do; sex is the fun part for beings with advanced enough nervous systems. :)
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