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Live for Speed
Live for Speed is a serious racing simulator. No arcade modes, no steering aids - YOU have to do the driving.
Live for Speed is a serious racing simulator. No arcade modes, no steering aids - YOU have to do the driving.

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Hello Racers,

We are pleased to announce a new update with many improvements for VR, multiplayer, audio and more.

Live for Speed has some of the best VR support. It's a big month for Virtual Reality, so we thought it was a good time to make it even better. Now, a "look and click" system removes the need for a mouse. A virtual keyboard means you don't need to use the real keyboard, which was always hard with a headset on.

A new Demo filter helps you find the online races you are looking for. Other multiplayer improvements include a better steering input for remote cars and quicker horn and flash transmission. The new siren sound system was a popular update and it inspired some audio improvements. Now the doppler effect is enabled on all car sounds.

We hope you enjoy the update. Read the list of changes and how to get the update on the 0.6N information page:
New version 0.6N - Updates in VR, multiplayer, audio and more
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Dear LFS Racers,

We are pleased to announce a new version of Live for Speed, 0.6K, which contains the Rockingham race track. Located in Corby, England, Rockingham is an oval track with many infield configurations. Thanks to the owners, we were allowed to hire APR Services to laser scan the real track area in 2008. It has been a long time coming but we are sure you will like the result!

Version 0.6K also has graphical improvements including new reflections and dynamic environment maps, AI improvements, support for the HTC Vive VR headset (in addition to the Oculus Rift) and fixes.

You will need an S3 license to unlock the Rockingham track. S3 licenses are now available on our website. If you already have S1 or S2, the price of your existing license will be deducted from the full price of S3. Further S3 content is in development but currently Rockingham is the only S3 content available. We made the decision to release it now rather than waiting for the other content to be completed. Although S3 content is already being developed, we cannot provide a guarantee that it will be released. Please only buy an S3 license upgrade if you feel it's worth it to use Rockingham right now. We will be continuing to work on S3 after Christmas!

Read the list of changes and how to get the update on the 0.6K information page:

We have also uploaded a large collection of new Rockingham screenshots for you to preview:

- LFS Developers
Rockingham race track
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Dear Racers,

A new update of Live for Speed is available, with a newly rebuilt and extended version of the Westhill racing environment. The International configuration has been improved and a new National configuration is included, along with two kart tracks which are fun for the smaller cars. The access roads are driveable if you select an open configuration, so there is a lot to explore!

There is now full support for open configurations, including many improvements to the layout editor. You can now place custom start positions, pit stop positions and adjustable concrete objects to create bridges and many other structures. The maximum number of cars in a race has been increased to 40. We have regenerated the visible object information on all tracks to keep the frame rate high while avoiding objects popping up.

The new track and other updates have been well tested by the community over the past week and they have been enjoying it a lot. It has been great to watch them visiting all the new places and creating imaginative structures with the concrete objects.

You can find more information about this update and a download link on the following page :

- LFS Developers
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Hello racers,

Earlier today we showed you a little preview of the newly rebuilt Westhill Circuit racing environment.
We have now released a test (beta) patch so you can have a look first hand.
This is not yet the official release - there may still be bugs.
If you decide to try the test patch and you find a bug, do please report it in the following thread, where you can also find the download link :

This test patch is incompatible with your current LFS installation. If you have to be able to join current hosts, you must apply the patch to a copy of your current LFS folder, so you have two versions of LFS installed, for the time being.

Also note again that this is a test patch. Use at your own risk!
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One more video to share, showing the big difference between old and new Westhill.
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Dear Racers,

You can now download a new update of Live for Speed with graphical improvements and support for the Oculus Rift DK2.

The main visual improvement is related to objects with transparency, such as trees and railings. In most cases we have been able to improve their appearance a lot by using a new drawing style.

We are also drawing the cars using a more efficient method which helps keep the frame rate high, specially when there are a lot of cars visible.

The Oculus Rift support has been well tested and received a lot of support from people who have been able to try the new DK2 headset. It is a lot of fun being able to look around the cockpit of your car or the world you are in just as you would in real life. The sense of scale is something to be experienced!

Read more about the patch and how to get it on the 0.6G information page.
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LFS now featured on Oculus Rift VR Share pages :
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Hello all,

Today we release an new update of Live for Speed with 3D support and announce another version that is coming soon with a much improved Westhill track.

Version 0.6F:

Available today and well tested by forum visitors, this new update supports 3D devices including TVs, projectors, headsets and the Oculus Rift.  While developing it, we also moved onto DirectX 9 which allows for better graphical effects in future while still allowing LFS to run on older versions of Windows and on Linux (using the Wine compatibility software).  This version remains fully compatible with 0.6E with many improvements and fixes.

Read more about the patch and how to get it on the 0.6F information page : .

Westhill Update:

Available soon... as the development for S3 has been taking some time, we thought it would be good to update something for our existing license holders.  The best thing to update was the Westhill track which was always sparse and underdeveloped.  The International configuration has been improved in many places, particularly in the twisty sequence of bends in the far corner which is now more challenging.  There is a new National configuration, bearing off from the International track after the first right and left bends, involving some interesting gradient changes and technical bends.  The scenery has been developed to a higher level of detail and you can drive around the access roads in the open configurations.

You can see more images of the new track on our screenshots page : .

The configurations are complete and good to drive.  At this point Eric is still finishing some buildings and filling some holes in the scenery.  Scawen is making some improvements and optimisations to deal with the higher level of detail.  We expect to release this version for testing in a few weeks, but remember that sometimes interesting things can come up that make things take a little longer than planned.

Further Progress:

After the Westhill update, Eric will continue with the S3 tracks he has been working on.  Scawen will continue with the new tyre model.  The new tyres currently feel good to drive but some work needs to be done on heat, pressure, friction, tyre load sensitivity and wear which are all closely linked.
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Hello Racers, here is a new TEST PATCH : 0.6E13

This test patch is fully compatible with version 0.6E

It now uses DirectX 9 instead of DirectX 8.1 (no graphical changes yet but some people report better frame rates)

The Oculus Rift and many 3D TVs and monitors are now supported (see "How to enable stereoscopic 3D" below)

Full details at
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