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This thread installation looks like the coolest art exhibition ever! If you haven't already noticed, I'm a huge sucker for colorful things. (via +Design Milk at
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This is really cool.. love the colors & the design
Just saw your posts on blogger and liked them. My sister and I are teenagers who like to blog about what Asian American kids like and do. Are there more teen blogs on blogger? How do I find them? We're at Check us out.
+KoolAsian Kids Great blog! Love all the interesting posts :) I'm not too connected with teen blog scene, so unfortunately, I don't have anywhere to direct you. It would probably be easier to find blogs based on topics rather than age of the blogger. For example, if you're interested in movies or pop culture, there are plenty of blogs out there on those subjects. If someone who owns that blog happens to be a teen as well, you should comment on their posts and make a connection that way. Good luck!