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Lisa “LJ” Cohen
Poet, Novelist, potter, Doctor Who fan, denizen of Night Vale
Poet, Novelist, potter, Doctor Who fan, denizen of Night Vale

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Welcome to my home on the plus! If you don't want to wade through my longer profile, here's the speed read edition:

* author of 6 SF&F novels
* poet
* potter
* international spy

My novels are available in eBook and print editions in all the usual and some of the unusual places:

Barnes & Noble *iTunes*
Google Play
*Directly from me through my website*

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Signal boost for homeschoolers! 
Homeschoolers of Google Plus!

My books are now all available, in both paperback and ebook, on Educents! If you buy them there, it's actually me shipping them to you. :) Right now, every single book in my catalog is 20% off, which means Blueprint Homeschooling in paperback is only $7.96. Regular price is $11.95.

Check out the sale, share with your friends, and thanks for supporting me in my future writing endeavors!
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Edited to add our continuing interchange.

Inquiry sent to Amazon this morning.

This is the second time I've seen the buy box taken by a 3rd party seller, claiming to sell copies as new. This is not possible. I am the publisher. I have the books printed via CreateSpace. The last time ANY print copies of this title sold was December of 2016, when 2 copies sold. There is no other channel for an outside seller to receive new copies of this title.

There is no way there are 4 discounted NEW copies available from 3rd party sellers.

Therefore, the sellers are passing off used copies as new.

Please remove them from the buy box and reinstate the publisher's copies there at your earliest convenience. I can furnish screenshots of the CreateSpace reports, if you require them.

LJ Cohen
Interrobang Books

Hello Cohen,

I've forwarded your information to the CreateSpace team for follow-up. You should hear back from them in the next 1-2 business days.

You may also reach CreateSpace customer support directly by logging in to and clicking the "Contact Us" link near the bottom of the page. You can also call them at this number: 1-866-356-2153.


Nitish S
Kindle Direct Publishing


This is not a Createspace issue. It has nothing to do with the production side, but with how Amazon allocates the buy box.

To reiterate: 3rd party sellers are claiming to have NEW copies of a book for sale at a rate LOWER than its production costs and based on data from the POD supplier cannot have gotten those books new.

This makes it an Amazon issue. Please advise.

LJ Cohen
Interrobang Books



I'm very sorry for any inconvenience this may caused.

Although Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and CreateSpace are both Amazon affiliates and KDP helps authors publish or convert trade paperback books into Kindle format, CreateSpace operates on a separate platform. Due to the nature of your inquiry, we’ll need the CreateSpace team's expertise to assist you in a timely manner.

Since this book was published outside KDP. We're unable to provide information or take action regarding your book. You can contact your publisher directly for assistance. As mentioned by my colleague in the previous correspondence. CreateSpace will contact you within 1-2 business days.

Thanks for understanding and continued support.


Anand S
Kindle Direct Publishing


I AM the publisher.


Hello Lisa,

I understand that you have concerns regarding your book "The Between" being sold through third-party sellers.

If your book is available through Amazon sales channels, then third-party sellers who have purchased your book, such as book re-sellers or other retailers, may sell your book on Amazon or through other retail outlets.

Amazon is not directly affiliated with these sellers, and we do not control certain aspects of their Amazon product listing, including price, shipping, condition and delivery terms. We pay you royalties for each copy of your book that we sell directly to a customer, including sales to third-party sellers, but we are not involved in subsequent sales of your book.

However, you are welcome to reach out to those sellers and ask that they reduce the price or stop selling your book altogether. Please keep in mind that the decision to reduce the book price or cease all book sales is up to that third-party seller.

Thanks for using Amazon KDP.


I don't have issue with 3rd party sellers purchasing and selling my books. I take issue with Amazon rewarding said 3rd party sellers for misrepresenting the books as new. As I stated earlier in this email thread, these sellers cannot be selling new books as they represent. No print books have been created since December of 2016, when 2 were ordered. Therefore, there are no 3rd party sellers who can possibly be selling new copies of THE BETWEEN.

I have no problem with sellers selling used copies. What is at issue is the misrepresentation of used copies as new which allows them to capture the buy button, knocking out the legitimate publisher.

It should not be up to the publisher to ensure the 3rd party sellers who are being prioritized through Amazon, are being honest in their claims. They are lying to take advantage of your new way of allocating the buy box. That is something you need to address.

Best regards,
LJ Cohen
Interrobang Books

_I'll keep you updated as more replies excuses roll in. . .

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Cue Muppet Flail and Incoherent Screaming!

The print proof for #Parallax arrived just now. I think Lieutenant Commander Emmaline Gutierrez looks right at home in company with Ro, Barre, and Dev, don't you?

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This is a rudimentary version of the prosthesis LC Gutierrez has in the Halcyone Space books. In that universe, the artificial limb is attached using artificial nerves to the residual ones and a central neural device helps with pre-processing for skilled use.

The future is pretty much here. 

The life of a writer.

So, what did I do all day today? Did I write? Well, not fiction.

But I did get a lot accomplished.

- updated files for the earlier Halcyone Space books to include the upcoming Parallax
- re-uploaded DERELICT for sale on all platforms, as I took it out of the exclusive Kindle Unlimited arrangement
- set up print files for the 1st 3 Halcyone Space books on Ingram Spark so people can ask their local bookstores to order copies. (The only one 'live' as of today is DERELICT.)
- drafted 1K of a promised foreword to the F-BOM edition of DERELICT (coming later in the summer)

Phew. Tired!

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I only need 111 more newsletter subscribers to get to 666.

That amuses me. (Hit 555 this morning.)

If you like occasional free short stories and occasional news & recommendations, sign up. I send about 8 or so issues/year. And you'll be the first to know about new releases, etc.

What a difference a few lovely days make.

After the heat that melted my brain, we had a storm blow through Friday night. This weekend was glorious; low humidity, lovely breezes, bright sunshine.

Yesterday, I played hookey from writing and took a long walk with a friend in Mt. Auburn Cemetery. It's one of my favorite places to walk, in any season. It was designed by Fredrick Law Olmstead, the same person who designed Central Park and has the feel of a Fairyland inside: it's definitely bigger on the inside than the outside. Amirite +Bliss Morgan?

Last night, poked and prodded a short story that's been giving me problems. I got a good first draft (finally!) finished and some lovely readers gave me the initial feedback that confirmed my thoughts. It was too 'thin.'

Today, with the help of a few more readers, I was able to figure out what needed to happen and I have a story I'm much happier with.

So, all in all, a productive weekend:

- finished a short story
- spent time outdoors and exercised (and caught up with an old friend)
- recycled 2 bags of cans/bottles that have been rattling around the kitchen for months
- went to the supermarket
- took the border collie mix for a walk and did a bunch of obedience training with her. We successfully met 2 dogs without barking or lunging! Go Mya!
- 2 loads of laundry (that need to be folded)

(I'm finding it helpful to articulate what I've gotten done in a day to overcome the sense that I'm not getting enough accomplished.)

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Signal boost! 
This weekend you can get each of my main steampunk/dieselpunk series for 99c/99p from Amazon on Kindle (also available in Kindle Unlimited).

Maliha Anderson Crime thrillers:
Iron Pegasus Action-Adventure:
Frozen Beauty Action-Adventure:

(USA and UK only.)

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Last week for this promotion! Some cool looking SFF book available.
I'll be boosting this signal periodically through May: I'm participating in a month long promotion with 16 other writers of SF&F in which we're offering books free through bookfunnel.

If you've been interested in reading my Halcyone Space series, DERELICT (book 1) is part of this promotion and you can get it for free in any ebook format, in May only.

If you've already read it, you can take a look at the other offerings and line up your summer reading early.
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