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Do you need Traffic? Check for best Results!

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Identify the Experts! Marketing Strategies!

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

There are a few words we have to take in consideration:

Market Research
Client profile
Knowledge(all about your service or product)
This concept is not new. The only one difference between offline and online Marketing is that we don’t promote our products and services through “word of mouth” concept. We use a great and huge  computer technologies for that.

OK. Before I am going further , I want to point out a “must” in order to become the very best in this field. All you need is to learn about affiliate marketing. Your question is a good one. The answer is simple: Learn. Ask. Action.

I can recommend you a Training Platform with an affilate program too. It is free to join. There are the following sections:

Classsroom –  (there are 6363 answer&question;12 Tutorials;29 video;5 Courses level)

Certification Courses

Live Video Classes -just one of hundred of videos

Affiliate Bootcamp(need upgrade)

Sounds good?! I really recommend this program!

Affiliate marketing is about relationship. A  trusted one based on healthy principles. The main subjects are: advertiser(pay other people to promote your services), publisher(promote an advertiser business in exchange for earning a commission) and customer(see the link and take action buying the product).

I hope I clarified any kind of doubt on this topic.

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What is a good way to promote your website?

This is a very good question! Why? I’ve tryed so many ways. Classical promoting, as TE and Safelists. Blogging. Social Media, Forums. After three years I can say that all of these don’t work. When we pomote our website using all these tools we promote the business  owner in fact. Well, what is to do? We need to have our OWN business. I realize that is possible and isn’t so difficult.
There are a few steps and my recommendation is  the sequence below:
1. Learn about Marketing Online. I know there are so many Learning Platform today. But we need more than learning about. We need a Comunnity ready to help us, we need advise and support. This business cannot be succesful if we are ALONE in the Jungle:)
Why not a Learning Platform that offering an Affiliatte Program too! In this business area, we have to recognize that, we want to make money. Of course, as a principle, just money isn’t enough! :)
2. Find and choose your interest&hobby What are people searching for. This we’ll help you to find your Niche. There are a few major things about Niche and Keywords. Low competition&Search Engine.
3. You need a website. This is the key. From now on we can talk about Own Business. You need a domain name and a good program for hosted your website.
4. Quality Content. Post three times/week. Make your site interesting and readable. People we’ll come back. As we know, to become customer we need to see that offer 7 times, at least.
Focus on Content not to keywords and traffic or Google Ranking. Why? Do you know that every word/phrase/title/page from your website is  a keyword and your ranking we’ll grow until your website is on the first page on Search Engine. You just need patience and continue working on content.
5. Choose a few Affilate Programs related with your website content/thema.
6.Brand yourself. People we’ll buy if they know about us and the need to believe that we are a  trusted person.
7. Use Social Plugin on your website and share your content!
Hope this help to understand how Marketing Online works. I am confident that this path help us to become Successful!
If all of these sound interesting I have a good news for you. I’ve found a Platform with a Solid Foundation. All these features are avaiable in one program. I called it The only one platform you need. Including Seo&KeywordResearch.
Personally I was impressed(still I am:) to see I can learn about all we need in order to have our Successful Own Business.
It’s simple, our Training works!

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Do you want to be part of a great community?
 I've just found a Training Platform - The only one platform you need!

 There are three major steps:

 and take Action...

This is a Solid Foundation in order to buid your OWN business. Here is  my Review.

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