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So there's an open beta for destiny 2, but how do you download it? 

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This is very good
Yo scope it...

Fucken Christian sheeple /
Disguise themselves with peacefull /
There the most deceitful /
muslim hating group of people /

Say "Allah AkBar", and Automatically your evil /
"Your dog Americas in Heaven" im like "how the fuck would he know?!" /

Its hard to be nomadic in these slums Of San Bernardino /
Since April 2016 been wiitout ENN-Ni "home"/

Thats why im 🌴Koopa High🌴 to suppress life i be blown /
My auto-biography naturally rhymes a "G" poem \

They killed my best 🐕 friend, now she dosent get to be old /
Cause Animal Control was called on me by some weasel /

Took me to jail too🚔 , tried taking me to Chino /
Instead, to West Valley in
Rancho Cuca-Kingo /

I had no commissary saw paisa's eating cheetos /
Got released hit the streets to search for rivals and their kilos /

I will do no good, while im wearing "GoodWill's" free clothes /
Theres all kinds of come-ups, to the jackpot "bingo"/

Stay alert dont get caught Slippin even watch for Gringos /
ALWAYS OPEN weedshops, pawn,  Adult thee-uh-tours /

Basline dope spots, gunshots and MANY cheap whores /
In a Single hour our  homie Robbed three (3) stores /

petty turns to deadly beef homicides in these wars /
vacant propertys, theres no telling whats behind these doors /

And STILL its where we rome /
Its the land of no dreams zone /
Its filled with Hella fiens-now /
Its a melting pot gene pool /

And It dosent matter what you think fool /
Anyways... Shit... Forreals... Back to me though /

And how my situation boiled over to a deep hole /
I crossed paths wit this muh fucka named meek-low /

Since DAY ONE this cat fronts like he me amigo /
We made a bet, he in debt and now he owes me dough \

For $3 duckets best believe imma see loc /
"Whats crack-a-lackin meek-low, dont try to be no hero /
How much you got for me?" muh fucka gave me zee-row \

So I Hee ha falcon punched em his cheeck bone /
It wasent Friday, but i was Craig and he was deebo /

I MADE SHURE im throwing hands with accuracy rapido /
He was reaching in his pocket to try and stab me with a needle /

I went super syian and Kamehameha this g's skull /
Just then i spotted his cousin Cruzitio /

Runnin up on me wit a 9 milla-me-toe /
The pigs jacked my .380 High-Point Pi-stull /

I kinda panicked cause my calm i couldent repo /
Then this motha fucka aimed it at me so /

i finished up swinging and kicking on his primo /
Kicked his dome One last devastating blow /

Like a kicker in a super bowl field goal /
The Mexican ladies watchin were like "Porbrecito"!! /

I understand fam how thats someone's mijo /
Whos crashed out sleepin deep in some dream world /

He started poppin, i zig-zagged as i fleed though /
I quickly Vanished like those 3D Dorritos /

I know I was Fouled but homey fuck the free throws /
To get the W, i Dont even need those /

I apply analogy to basketball or casinos /
Watch, imagine your playing slots or some Keno /

But your gambling with your life instead of these C-notes /
If your not carefull you'll get shitted on by some seagulls /

I freestyle top-of-the -dome and strictly ab lib these flows /
simultaneously Google Plus and puffin on some green bowls /

Most Def Ill take knowledge over cheese ($) yo /
Geeze... With ease, you could get these in burritos /

Fuck Mumble Trap Rap and Peace to Beanie Sigel /
Straight up, Feel it in the air is still my ring tone /

Im a chicano look albino and im NOT bilengual /
Loud as Fuck play the oldie "sabor a mi" still /

Get shit crackin always active used to copp thizzo E pill /
They always like "Damn Koops, you gotta hit the weed, chill" /

Im aware that This struggles whack, but you know that we still /
Always Keep comin back just like TRUE G's will /

      🌴Koopa High🌴

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Anyone got mods on skyrim? I tried some mods such 2k textures and all I get is weird white and black colours and spiky stuff but this was with my fx 6300, I have the new ryzen 5 and haven't tested it out. What mods do you recommend ?

I've just built my new ryzen pc but it's very unstable? I've updated bios, sometimes it's working but after I need to restart for drivers. The xmp 1 works but freezes then I tried xmp2 (3000mhz) and it can't post so I have to reset bios.

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Which one should I get there's a 1600x for 185 but on bid and I can get the 1600 for about 206? Planning on getting the white version of mortar or tomahawk boards while I don't need to do dual GPU I think it should make it look cleaner where I can hide cables?
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Ryzen 1600
Ryzen 1600x

Any one selling ableton?

Need some network experts on here? I have a ps4 and want to make a static IP and open DMZ.

Anyone know how to do port forwarding? 

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I know this isn't hip hop but doesn't anyone else think the old rihanna was better? 

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Timbo trying to sound like 2pac
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