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Intuitive Astrology.Numerology.Tarot

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On this 8 universal day, you can step INTO your power or allow others to step ON your power. Which applies to you? #numerology

Gemini Mars opposite Sagittarius Saturn Rx @ 11:55p PDT - Notice what others are communicating through what they are doing, and notice if their actions are aligned with the words they speak. #astrology

On this 7 universal day, take a moment to think before you speak or act. Are you speaking or acting in alignment with your truth? #numerology

Taurus Mercury quincunx Libra Jupiter Rx exact @ 12:17p PDT - What you think & say your lifestyle values represent may be taking you out of alignment with connections that can truly assist your growth & expansion. #astrology

If you haven't been addressing your health & wellness, this 6 universal day is a good day to check in with your body & mind. #numerology

Gemini Ceres opposite Sagittarius BM Lilith exact @ 2:17a PDT - Values, beliefs, & desires align, & you may realize you know more than you think you do & have more than you thought you had. #astrology

You start making changes...and changes may start making you on this 5 universal day. Hope you're ready for a shift. #numerology

Taurus Mercury quincunx Sagittarius BM Lilith exact @ 11:45p PDT - What you think you want & what you actually want may not be aligned. #astrology

#GEMINI #NEWMOON @ 12:44p PDT - New beginnings start with your thoughts & words. Are you thinking & speaking in new ways or old? #astrology

Aries Venus square Capricorn Pluto Rx exact @ 9:21a PDT - Asserting your independence in your partnerships of all kinds challenges (or is challenged by) institutional power. #astrology
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