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Tomorrow at 5.30pm I'm doing a 'Google Plus Hangout' backstage via webcam. Tag your questions with #AskExample
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Seeing you in Newcastle, Glasgow and London. Can we expect a handout of patisserie goods again haha? #AskExample  
what are you thinking for new genre/feel to your next album (i know it's a long time away)? or are you thinking of staying with the same? best album? #AskExample 
How much is the 'melt' sweatshirt and the bobble hat? I love them so much! Seeing you in Liverpool on Wednesday! #AskExample
are you looking forward to two irish dates? really hope i get to meet you!! #AskExample  
In the future when i become a singer songwriter, would you consider  collaborating with me? I have some videos posted : ) #AskExample  
Lastly, have you ever met Marina (Marina and the Diamonds), if so, is she as awesome as she seems? : D #AskExample  
What are your thoughts on headlining Leeds Festival, you'll be with Biffy:)
Is it possible to get ya bbm pin if uve got a blackberry? (Mates question)
Do you do birthday parties? if so follow @NickChadford on Twitter and DM me and we'll do business 
Do you do birthday parties? if so follow @NickChadford on Twitter and DM me and we'll do business #AskExample  
Are you going to change anything in your music making career after your marriage. Have you thought in doing some acting?? I can see you in a comedy series already.. maybe comedy film #AskExample
Never got my pass last night. Any chance we can meet in Brighton? I had a few bits for charity too, which was the main let down. Guestlist was sorted fine, so thanks for that. 
Can you be sure that you love Nandos more than my mum does?
What new artist/band do you like at the moment ?#AskExample 
who was your idol when you was growing up? and what inspired you to start music?:) #AskExample  
what time can you you meet me outside cardiff motor point arena 25thfeb , for a lil photo with me and my bro?? loool #AskExample  
Also any chance of hearing the Bar9 kickstarts remix, as i am a really big dubstep fan, i dont mind if you do the original too ha haa, tell benga i am ready for him. #AskExample  
will we be able to get a picture with you or would you be able to sign my album at Earls Court 23rd?  #AskExample  
I love the way you are introducing rock into your songs now what influenced you to do this? Can you play guitar? Although you are a amazing singer can you play any instruments? #AskExample  
Well, if its here you ask then, do you have a favorite city in the UK to go to? #AskExample  
when ever we see you perform you seem to always be dressed in black, what will you wear when you perform at earls court? Maybe a white funky example T-shirt and a silky Zip track top with nikey trainers. I could be your clothes designer! do you like your hair short I think it looks neat,do you think you will ever grow it again? #AskExample  
Do you fancy coming to a party at Gatecrasher with me and my sister after tonight's gig? (Unlikely so instead...) Do you like meeting fans outside venues after your gigs? #AskExample
#AskExample what is the reason you had to scrap Where Did The Sun Go? So glad I got to see it live though at the Eden Project last year
what influenced you to start in the music industry? When did you discover your voice and talent for writing songs? did anyone inspire you at a young age? #AskExample  
sam !!!
#AskExample if it was the last day on earth, what would you do, why and who would you take and why?
#AskExample  im 14 and im starting to take my options for my gcses. I have no idea what i want to be?!?! Did you ever want to be anything other than an amazing rapper? :) can't wait to see you in brighton in 14 DAYS!!x
Didn't get our passes to meet you last night. Anywhere I can send stuff for you to sign mate? Brought 3 posters for a charity and my album for you to sign. Also cheers for Guestlist that was sorted fine. Good show, see you soon hopefully!  #AskExample
#AskExample  cesme-turkey concert was really good but if you come to Istanbul thi year,you'll be very surprised because we love you sooo much in here!
Grandma Josie here;) How much is the bobble hat and sweater as you skipped my question dude.<3 #AskExample
are you thinking of doing Just singing for the next album? or will you be including rap still? also say hi to Alice Cartwright for me? #askexample
Tell something about your meeting with DYNAMO :) Did you talk with him about performance before you filmed it ?? #AskExample?
are you still on the wagon or do you still have a few beers and a little dabble lol #AskExample  
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