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Remembering the life and legacy of President Thomas S. Monson (1927-2018).

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Learn more about the life and legacy of Elder Robert D. Hales.

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He can lift the heaviest heart.
He can brighten the darkest day.
Hope lives because He does.


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Love is the remedy that can lift lives, heal families, and unite nations. A message from +Thomas S. Monson.

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There's great joy in sharing great things.
Read more of what Dallin H Oaks says about sharing the things that mean most to us.

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Essential to our Heavenly Father’s plan of happiness is our Savior, Jesus Christ. Without His atoning sacrifice, all would be lost. It is not enough, however, merely to believe in Him and His mission. We need to work and learn, search and pray, repent and improve. We need to know God’s laws and live them. Only by doing so will we obtain true happiness.

We are blessed to have the truth. We have a mandate to share the truth. Let us live the truth, that we might merit all that the Father has for us. He does nothing save it be for our benefit. He has told us, “This is my work and my glory—to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.”

From the depths of my soul, and in all humility, I testify of the great gift which is our Father’s plan for us. It is the one perfect path to peace and happiness both here and in the world to come.

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A faithful member of the Church, John A. Larsen, served during World War II in the United States Coast Guard on the ship USS Cambria. During a battle in the Philippines, word came of an approaching squadron of bombers and kamikaze fighter planes. Orders were given for immediate evacuation. Since the USS Cambria was already gone, John and three companions gathered their gear and hurried to the beach, hoping for a lift out to one of the departing ships.

Fortunately, a landing craft picked them up and sped toward the last ship leaving the bay. The men on that departing ship, in an effort to evacuate as quickly as possible, were busy on deck and only had time to throw ropes to the four men, that they might hopefully be able to climb to the deck.

John, with a heavy radio strapped to his back, found himself dangling at the end of a 40-foot rope, at the side of a ship headed out to the open sea. He began pulling himself up, hand-over-hand, knowing that if he lost his grip, he would almost certainly perish. After climbing only a third of the way, his arms burned with pain. He had become so weak that he felt he could no longer hold on.

With his strength depleted, as he grimly contemplated his fate, John silently cried unto God, telling Him that he had always kept the Word of Wisdom and had lived a clean life—and he now desperately needed the promised blessings.

John later said that as he finished his prayer, he felt a great surge of strength. He began climbing once again and fairly flew up the rope. When he reached the deck, his breathing was normal—not the least bit labored. The blessings of added health and stamina, promised in the Word of Wisdom, had been his. He gave thanks to his Heavenly Father then, and throughout the remainder of his life, for the answer to his desperate prayer for help.

Brethren, may we care for our bodies and our minds by observing the principles set forth in the Word of Wisdom, a divinely provided plan. With all my heart and soul I testify of the glorious blessings which await us as we do.

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President +Russell M. Nelson dedicated the Sapporo Japan Temple yesterday, August 21, 2016.
"We have the exciting privilege of being part of this latter-day work when the gospel will go to every nation, and those people of Japan particularly now will be able to have all the blessings of the temple.” —Russell M. Nelson

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Three years ago, I felt impressed to speak at general conference about the painful, life-altering condition of depression that affects so many. You can read the address here:

We came to earth to face issues of mortality in the form of trials, temptations, disease, and death. It is essential for us to face personal struggles because opposition is a crucial part of Father’s plan. I suppose everybody will have some kind of an experience where they say, “I’m never going to be happy again.”

Well, we are going to be happy again. That is also a part of the plan. It’s the very nature of it. Hang on and hope. Never lose faith in your Father in Heaven, who loves you more than you can comprehend. Never, ever doubt His love for you. Hold fast to the Atonement. Believe in miracles. When you’ve done all you can do, endure to the end. And remember, hope is never lost.

Broken minds can be healed just the way broken bones and broken hearts are healed. While God is at work making those repairs, the rest of us can help by being merciful, nonjudgmental, and kind.

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To build a happy life, some assembly is required. Thankfully, we have help. A message from +Dieter F. Uchtdorf.
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