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Criscione, Ravala & Tabatchouk, LLP

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Criscione, Ravala & Tabatchouk, LLP

• Social Media/Internet Law  - 
Interesting things going on in the UK.

Lord Justice Leveson made the comments, his first since publishing his report on UK press standards last week, at a privacy symposium in Sydney, Australia. He told the meeting new laws would protect privacy and freedom of expression on the internet.

Newspaper editors said on Thursday they would implement his "broad proposals" for self-regulation, without new laws. The editors said they would report back to the government "very shortly" on how they would "implement the Leveson plan." They met on Wednesday to try to come up with a plan strong enough to see off demands for a body underpinned by law.

"The editors of all national newspapers met... and unanimously agreed to start putting in place the broad proposals - save the statutory underpinning - for the independent self-regulatory system laid out by Lord Justice Leveson," a statement said.
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Proud to announce that our firm's lawyer, Mr. M. Salman Ravala (@salmanravala on twitter) was invited to attend the White House summit on Global Entrepreneurship held in November 2012.

Here is to celebrating innovative ideas, hard work, & courage of our thinkers, doers, & believers.

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We must all work together.
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Criscione, Ravala & Tabatchouk, LLP

• Criminal Law  - 
The Right to Remain Unsampled

The Supreme Court will decide whether police can take DNA from arrested suspects without a warrant.
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See - that's an interesting argument (also now I understand your point). Should a suspect be entered into a database? I suppose then that fingerprints and other evidence would be kept sealed and only used in the investigation of the pertinent crime?

Would anything collected be expunged once a criminal was found? What if no culprit was found?

I ask not to confound you but because I think these are valid points under the idea that the government's job is to protect us and may only infringe on privacy rights in as much as it is directly (if memory serves, but this group is full of lawyers, I'm sure most of you can cite the cases I'm thinking of by rote) related to the aim of making you safe, i.e. drug laws and restrictions on explosives.

I wonder how it would affect investigative procedure to not be able to rely upon such an extensive database of fingerprints - perhaps civilian agencies wouldn't have access and only agents with proper clearance would? I'm speculating now.

I'm also interested in how the courts will rule on this, of course. Perhaps moreso because it may be easier to claim discarded DNA than to get a complete set of prints from an unwilling subject. A soda with a straw during questioning? It does raise its own set of potential questions to be worked out in the courts.
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Great posts so far, almost up to the 100 mark with membership.

We look forward to wonderful conversation and discussion!
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Living in Jersey? Your property taxes may have been too high.

Find out what you can do about it here:

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California DMV offers blind man a new driver's license

"Unlike Al Pacino in "Scent of a Woman," Mark Overland, 72, of Pacific Palisades doesn't plan to test his luck. But Overland, a lawyer who represented an elderly driver who plowed into 10 people in 2003, was disturbed enough by the DMV that he contacted the Los Angeles Times to tell his story." #law #legal #lawyer #california #dmv #epicfail
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