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Laurie Rubin
Photography, nature, wildlife, flying cameras and finding happiness along the way... that's what I'm all about!
Photography, nature, wildlife, flying cameras and finding happiness along the way... that's what I'm all about!


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Happy Thanksgiving!

May this day be filled with happiness and much love around the table.

#thanksgiving #pumpkin #luminar2018

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Just Ducky

I am revisiting some older images and using Luminar 2018 to bring them to life. I used 3 filters on this image...

1. Accent AI (my favorite all-around filter!)
2. Split Color Warmth (brings out the warm and cool colors)
3. HSL (adjust specific colors for saturation and luminosity)

#nikon #luminar2018

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Rocky Mountain Elk

Here is the largest of the 10 Elk that I saw the other day. These subspecies of the North American Elk have the largest antlers with the males standing at 5 feet at the shoulder and weighing 700 pounds. The velvet on the antlers should shed late summer and they can weigh up to 40 pounds!

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Congratulations +Brent M for making it through Sphere 1 in The Arcanum! I'm excited to follow your photographic journey as I know you will be continuing on.

I currently have a few openings in my Wildlife and Nature Cohort. If you are interested in getting inspired, learning and growing your photography, join us!
Are You an Aspiring Wildlife and/or Nature Photographer?
Maybe you know one?

Make a difference for yourself or help point someone in a positive direction.

It's difficult to explain the difference joining +The Arcanum has made in my photography. Not just the technical aspects, but really the artistic aspects. I can look back at the work I was doing when I joined versus what I am creating now, and easily see how far I have come.

Would I have gotten to the same place without The Arcanum? Maybe. But I can feel confident that working with +Laurie Rubin, and being in her cohort has made the difference in how I approach my photography and what my skills are now.

I was ok at taking photos before. Now, I have a vision for what I want to capture, and know how to make my vision a reality. I also have the confidence to explore new areas and continually try to push the limits of my creativity.

If this type of journey is something you have considered, then take some time to find out about the The Arcanum. If wildlife and nature are part of your photography, then you owe it to yourself to seriously consider joining Laurie's Arcanum cohort.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Please feel free to share!

#TheArcanum #wildlifephotography #naturephotography

This is a great intro to what she can bring to your photography!

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Walking the Plank

A beautiful Haflinger horse, one of my favorite horses because of his mane that flows on both sides of his neck so that he doesn't have a bad side to photograph.

#haflinger #horse

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Looks like someone woke up with a bad hair day!

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Joanne, a young gorilla from the +San Diego Zoo Safari Park attempts to build a nest with a eucalyptus branch.

She is always so entertaining to watch and in this video, you can see how she is really trying to manipulate the branch to her will. Such a cutie!

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Walk Like an Egyptian... Vulture!

(This is my favorite Egyptian Vulture. Love the look of this handsome bird!)
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