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Laurence Chiu

I have a strange problem with my Moto 360 V2 and Google Now which I wondering if others have experienced?

If I am on WiFi on my phone and invoke Google Now on my watch (I turned on voice detection and instead long press the button) the Assistant pops up and asks what I want to do? I says some simple command like "what's the time" and then the watch display whirls around for a bit and then I receive an error "Sorry cannot reach Google at this time". That suggests the watch has lost connectivity to the phone (it hasn't) and also the watch has lost WiFi connectivity (it hasn't).

The strange thing is, if I turn off WiFi on the phone and rely on 4G data and repeat the command on the watch it works. But even more strangely, I can now turn on WiFi again on the phone and repeat any command on the watch and it works.

Has anybody else experienced this and/or is your Google Now working fine on the watch?

Are you still using your Moto 360 (V2) and if so for what?

Not a poll but a general question. I have had my Moto 360 V2 since about Jan 2016 and it still goes okay. It's currently on Wear OS 2.1 and I am not sure it will be upgraded again.

If I leave the screen off and rely on the motion sensor to turn on the screen when I want to use the watch, it will last from about 7am to 10:30pm which is fine for me.

Main uses for the watch are

- telling the time :-) I actually use Watchmaker to display a custom face
- notifications from my various message apps (Google Messages, Hangouts, and Google Voice . I use Wechat also and that would work but I blocked it because I was receiving too many
-email notifications and text summaries
-Google Fit when I want to track my walking and pair the watch to my Fitbit. then I can see steps/calories/elapsed time on the watch
-occasionally actually sending or replying to a SMS by using the keyboard or voice recognition (I don't say much!)
-Home control using the Assistant and my Google Home setup (that's more of a gimmick). Double press button - Assistant pops up and I say "turn off the bedroom" or "Good night" which then activates an Assistant routine to execute a number of tasks
-Occasionally using the Assistant to ask Google questions
Occasionally controlling the camera on my phone but I keep forgetting how to do that :(

Just was wondering what other folks were using their watched for

If you create a private G+ community to share content with a select group of people, and they are not in G+ now, when you send them a link to join, I presume they have to join G+? Or will having a Google account(if they are Android phone users or use Google Photos or have a Gmail account) be good enough?

This confused people whom I invite to my communities.


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Just flashed Nitrogen OS on my N6 and that had made the phone have a second life.

Apart from the occasional lag the ROM works great and is the latest version of Android so I can run the latest phone from Google with local places search

Battery life seems better too over stock.

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Still running my Moto 360 V2 after two years and it's still working fine. Was pleasantly surprised when Google photos popped up a reminder about today a few years ago with photos and not only did the reminder appear but also snap shot of photos appeared on the watch.
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Using a Keurig capsule machine in NZ.

In NZ we have 3 choices of capsule machines for coffee
- Nespressp
-Dolce Gusto

One can argue the merits of each but they all try to copy a Espresso machine. For my tastes I prefer drip coffee because the lack of high-pressure pumping creates a more mellow taste. But unless you go to Startbucks you can't get drip coffee easily in the cafes around town and I end up ordering an Americano which an espressed Long Black with more water. But it still has a bitter taste.

While at home I do have a Caffitaly machine I tend to make drip coffee with a filter. That was then idea of getting a Keurig popped into my head. They are the US capsule coffee standard but instead of espressing the coffee the pressure is lower thus emulating the effect of drip coffee.

Accordingly I bought one from Amazon and asked my daughter to bring it over (here are favours you can ask a daughter you would never ask a friend!).

I knew it would be 110V only but since my wife has a number of US kitchen appliances from Kitchenaid that are 110V we have a 1500W transformer undr the kitchen bench.

Since capsules would not be available easily here also I purchased a 40 pack variety box of coffees and some refillable capsules.

The machine works really well and makes very nice coffee, drip style, Further more I found on Youtube a number of videos on how you can take a used capsule, open it up, add your own coffee, seal it with aluminium foil and reuse. That also works great so I often make a bunch up and have them ready when I want them. That way I can choose and grind my own coffee or use ground coffee from Robert Harris, Cafe L'Affare et al
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I am new to this forum but have been avid fountain pen user since my high school days(!). That probably dates me.

Up till now I have been using Parker Pens (my goto pen is a Parker 75) but having seem videos and reviews of other pens, decided to branch out to larger barrel pens.

A Montblanc is a bit outside my range so I thought I would try a Platinum 3776. Got it in a fine nib but found it was too fine and scratchy for my tastes so gave it to my daughter. Then bought a Pilot 823 from Amazon for $230. I purchased that in medium. It writes nicely but initially I had problems with ink flow so that on upstrokes the lines would have intermittent ink. And quick downstrokes would have missing ink also. After some use it appears to have improved. It might be the ink as I am using Parker Quink ink I had had lying around for a few years,

Anyway that being quite an expensive pen, and liking the Pilot I bought the Pilot 3776 in a medium nib thinking that would be more suitable. But I found that was too fine also and scratchy and certainly wasn't a patch on the Pilot. So I have returned that also to Amazon and once the credit goes through I might go for the same 3776 Pilot in a broad nib. One area that does concern me about the Pilot is that it uses a proprietary ink cartridge and that the pen does not come with a converter. I did manage to source an converter from Ebay for $7 so that's not a big deal but you think Pilot could include one.

One thing that is quite clear to me - the quality and heft of the Pilot is so much better than the Platinum I wonder how much better again would a Montblanc 149? I guess I will probably never find out given even the used prices on Ebay

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Dolby Headphone redux

A few years ago I bought one of these units.

This device takes an optical output from a DVD/BD player with 5.1 audio and creates a Dolby Headphone signal out to the 3.5mm headhphone jack. It worked pretty well but the main issues were 1) since it worked best with a DVD/BD player with optical out (presumably a TV also) it was awkward to connect and 2) it was battery powered only with no provision for adding an external power supply.

So it remained unused for many years and is now discontinued and fetching high prices on ebay.

I thought about using it again coupled with a Sony MDR-XB950B1 Bluetooth headset I had just purchased on Prime Day.

So I connected the optical output from my BD player to the unit and then the audio to a cheap BT transmitter to my headphones. The Dolby headphone effect was very good but because it's BT there is a noticeable audio delay which is annoying. But given how good the Dolby Headphone is I plan to purchase a long Toslink cable (3m) that will reach from the back of the BD unit to my living room chair. I will then connect that to the JVC unit and headphones directly into it, hopefully avoiding any audio delay caused by BT transmission.

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