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Just over one quarter of adults surveyed had received unemployment benefits with a similar percentage saying they had gotten Social Security payments. Just over one in five reported benefiting from Medicare, just under one in five had received food stamps, about one in 10 had received Medicaid payments and 8% had received welfare.
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So, in other words, 71% of Americans get money that has been stolen from someone else. The only way this is logically possible is if the rich are paying for all of it or future generations are paying for it...tell me again how we need to raise taxes
Nobody in my household has mooched the gubmint as George Romney did when he was on welfare or as Paul Davis Ryan who used up his SS survivor's benefits.
+Glen Cauthon what does that even mean? Somebody doesn't have a right to property if they're too lazy to pay attention to politics? Besides, it is the popular opinion to steal from those who have via the welfare state, even if the politicians are writing the laws, it is the voting public that keeps electing them in order to do so. Democracy, majority rule.
Yeah, we do. Face it, America is full of a bunch of scared, obstinate, greedy, self-righteous, chip-on-my-shoulder, nosy, busybody, moochers and the politicians perfectly reflect that
I qualified for SSI, but I don't want to dip in it too early. Orphans that do not have any family probably should qualify earlier. There is some justice there.
Americans are becoming weak obese wards of the state who think they are in need of government assistance. Instead of taking individual responsibly for their own life choices. 
Social security, Medicare,Medicaid & unemployment insurance are not entitlements . These programs are earned benefits since we all pay into these programs from the first day we started working. The people who receive taxpayer paid entitlement benefits are our do nothing congressmen & senators.
+Glen Cauthon Edmund Burke supported statism in his 1790 work Reflections on the Revolution in France.  Here are the relevant passages from paragraph 377:
The revenue of the state is the state. In effect all depends upon it, whether for support or for reformation. The dignity of every occupation wholly depends upon the quantity and the kind of virtue that may be exerted in it.

Public virtue, being of a nature magnificent and splendid, instituted for great things, and conversant about great concerns, requires abundant scope and room and cannot spread and grow under confinement, and in circumstances straitened, narrow, and sordid. Through the revenue alone the body politic can act in its true genius and character, and therefore it will display just as much of its collective virtue, and as much of that virtue which may characterize those who move it, and are, as it were, its life and guiding principle, as it is possessed of a just revenue. For from hence not only magnanimity, and liberality, and beneficence, and fortitude, and providence, and the tutelary protection of all good arts, derive their food, and the growth of their organs, but continence, and self-denial, and labour, and vigilance, and frugality, and whatever else there is in which the mind shows itself above the appetite, are nowhere more in their proper element than in the provision and distribution of the public wealth.
+Karen Young social security is pay as you go, it is a transfer payment. Part of my paycheck isn't going into a lockbox somewhere, it's going directly to other people. That is why it is unsustainable. The baby boomers generation simply didn't have enough kids to keep it funded.

The unfunded liabilities of all entitlement programs discounted to present value (assuming steady growth in health care costs at the same rate as the 20th century) is over 200 trillion dollars (yes, trillion with a "t"). That means it is underfunded by 200 trillion dollars.

Besides the sheer impossibility of this being sustainable ever...forced saving as social security does is not "paying" in the sense as other goods are "paid" for. The transaction is not voluntary. Call it what it is: stealing (even if it is "for our own good") 
Freight on, you're wrong. The problem is that congress passed laws through the years requiring social security to provide additional services without proving the funding.
It's rare that I need to 'ignore' someone on G+, but +Glen Cauthon made the list. hehe.
Social Security and Medicare were supposed to be insurance programs. SSI is supposed to be an insurance program. You pay in for decades expecting you will receive your money when you get old and in the way.  The Democrats turned these into welfare programs because of their annoying habit of spending other people's money. Too many people who never paid into the programs collect benefits. If the government had invested my social security payments into a garden variety bank account or better yet, a mutual fund tracking the S&P500 I would be living on the beach at a luxury resort. Frankly I think illegal aliens should be sent home and those who need charity should rely on the kindness of their neighbors rather than looting the treasury. Those foot washing Bolsheviks and fabulous socialists who feel great sympathy for these folks should devote themselves to charity and leave the rest of us alone.
Bob, you,re 1/2 right. This started during the Vietnam war in 1965 when president. Lyndon Johnson transferred social security funds into the general fund to pay for the Vietnam conflict. Every president, republican & democrat after Johnson continued borrowing so
Bob, the borrowing of social. Security funds continued under republican & democrat presidents after Johnson so that the federal deficit appeared smaller to the American people than it was
Bob, our presidents, republican & democrat congressmen & senators are the ones looting the treasury to pay for their campaign donors agenda
Agreed, but the republican congressmen & senators won't clamp down on illegal aliens because their campaign donors want cheap labor & the democrat congressmen & senators want votes.
"I don't care what you say."  Lol, you're not 23.  You're a baby...  Try to remember that government services are payed for using taxes that EVERYONE pays...  

I don't know who you are referring to as "lazy" but everyone pays taxes, and Russell, if you weren't so poor you'd realize the rich pay a far lower marginal tax rate than yourself.  Capital gains tax rates are a joke compared to payroll taxes. But I doubt you understand the tax code so I'll spare you the facts and get straight to the point...  

Good luck with "independent" living in the  UNITED States of America because the rest of us see you as a fool rejecting the generosity society has payed for with taxes out of piety jealousy and selfishness...
I thought you didn't care what I say, ; P....  Suck it bitch!
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