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A bill that would provide birth control to millions of poor women in the Philippines, which President Benigno Aquino III has pledged to sign, would also make sex education mandatory in public schools and require hospitals to provide postabortion care, even though abortions will remain illegal.
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Strange. How can you mandate post-abortion care if abortions are illegal?
Just speculating, but could it be that despite the illegality of abortions, some women are procuring them through unregulated providers - resulting in a greater need for post-procedural care since the procedures themselves may be injurious to the women involved.
+Tmg Lost yes this happens in places where abortions are illegal. so its a good thing post-abortion care is legal just in case. and things like that happens in the U.S. also its just not talked about. 
In cases of extra-marital affairs or likewise, if the husband wanted an abortion and the real father didn't then...
It's very good to igore the Bishops' Conference idea. I support you.
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