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“If the May report is a harbinger of what's coming, Romney’s message that ‘We can do better, but Obama can't’ will really resonate,” said Bill Galston of the Brookings Institution, a White House advisor in the Clinton administration. 
Another month or two of downbeat jobs reports like Friday's, and the 2012 electoral advantage will shift to Mitt Romney .
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Mr. Galston, which of Romney's proposals on the economy resonates with voters? He says he can do better, but endorsing the highly fraudulent 2012 house budget as policy pretty much says flat out he can't. Just curious what he will do.
We are not blaming Obama by the poor records, that, according to him is "Bush's fault". We are blaming him because we did not see any change or any measure that would handle this issue. He blames Bush for everything, and he did a serious of mistakes to avoid the recovering of US.
What Obama did to make the crisis worse:
1) Massively insane debt
2) Low investment on petroleum
3) Wrong investment in wind, we should take sun energy like Germany, so the middle class would make the investments not corporations that Obama has invested his personal money with. Wind is not affordable by civilians.
4) Economical incentives should come at one time, not a series of little investments, that caused inflation.
5) Should lower the taxes including from the billionaires.
6) Stop hiring 3rd country employees, giving passport to everyone.
7) Stop fleeing billionaires (like Eduardo Saverin) and many other from US.
8) Should have put an end at China/US exportation.
9) Messing with education... we should support home schooling and web learning, to lower the cost of education.
10) Obamacare was a total disaster of money spending and poor quality services. Repeal that.
11) Stop spreading communism words and hiring socialist stupidity, so we should get some business man with more solutions that i have not wrote here.
A lot of people should run for president since many who commented think they have the solution at the end of the day all politics is local. Start by blaming your representatives and work your way up. 
Ah! Not all can be the president. That is why we have the representatives
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