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The school shooting in Newtown, Conn., has shaken up the politics of gun control. Even NRA-allied lawmakers are getting involved in the push for new restrictions.
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gun control is a gun in each hand....criminals do not, attain the weapon of choice throu legal means the way law abiding Americans do, dummies,and they look to victimize unarmed slaps,who just wanna stop them w lit candles and prayer i think prayer  n candle r good,wake the f up and shoot back,n see crime disappear have you forgot nadd back int never never land?the guns will stay,this massacre and the one 2 fallow will be nothing more than a tool 2 get ur vote,. like the pres telling u he saved  u from some elderly he allegedly killed ,dumped in the ocean and cant show proof nor can he show you a non existent resume cause u believe everything he tells u being comatose n all.the senator from Illinois knows u get moist as soon as he rambles Ebonics in street corner fanatic fusion,and do the bush fault routine..80% of Americans are sheep who fallow orders on what to watch on tv to where to and how to fall in line,ask, research nothing & be happy. work to make others rich,feel free to x clued me from a herd,am a w grammar 
We can fix all problems as long as we surrender our liberty. 
If the nutjob in Newtown had not had access to guns, he would have Googled "how to build a pipe bomb" and killed several classrooms of kids instead of 1.
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