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Whether -- and when -- to vaccinate children has come under much greater scrutiny in recent years by parents. Columnist  +Michael Hiltzik points to a new map that highlights the impact of delaying or withholding childhood vaccines. 

"The lesson of all this is that vaccination is not an individual choice to be made by a parent for his or her own offspring," he writes. "It's a public health issue, because the diseases contracted by unvaccinated children are a threat to the community." 

Do you agree that it's a matter of public concern or simply a private, family decision?
Aaron Carroll today offers a graphic depiction of the toll of the anti- vaccination movement. (H/t: Kevin Drum .) It comes from a Council on Foreign Relations interactive map of "vaccine-preventable outbreaks" worldwide 2008-2014.
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Public concern. Those infected must be vaccinated. 
It's a family decision., and I don't trust Obama with anything. 
And this story is out of CA, and I already know what's going down, there.  It's a sham.  You cannot force someone to take something they don't want, that you are not entirely sure they need.
You don't trust the President AND you know what's going down in Ca. +William Pittenger are you forgetting to take your meds again?
+William Pittenger I do agree with your assertion if it pertained to individuals who were isolated. But being in public, kids will eventually contract the virus and schools will eventually close the doors do to an epidemic.
And they get a stronger immune system because they were able to overcome the disease.  I really like what George Carlin had to say about that.  In order for the immune system to get stronger, it needs to be introduced to germs, even deadly ones, at an EARLY age when the immune system is developing anti-dotes.  If an adult is exposed, the diseases that kids caught that you thought they didn't have, were attacked and destroyed by the immune system.  Adults start losing this ability around 20.  So, you let the human body do the job ON IT'S OWN without man-made stuff. 
We had the same thing here in Holland mainly in the cristian area ,kids died, they did not have à choice ,be wise and help them
I'm sorry, but I'm not trying to be mean, or hurtful. However, the purpose of the disease is to weed out the weak and strengthen the stronger ones for survival.  It sounds rather "evolutionary," but it's nature.  I really hate to sound like this as a Christian. But, the people who are best inoculated against it are the ones that were exposed and overcame.  Adding these drugs to our systems weakens our immune system's ability to ward off disease naturally, and weakens the ability of our posterity to do it - thus creating a need that had not been essential before.  This is not a good thing to do.  At the same time, though, you don't purposely expose them to disease - they generally get it on their own. 
+William Pittenger
Educate yourself before talking...You obviously know nothing about the systems you are pontificating about, as your arguments are, from the standpoint of biology, completely ridiculous.
+William Pittenger Interesting argument. " ...the purpose of the disease is to weed out the weak and strengthen the stronger ones for survival". So we shouldn't treat diseases, or just the preventable ones? Fuck 'em all and let God/nature sort them out? Diseases are just God's little evolutionary time-bombs.

You apparently practice a slightly less compassionate version of Christianity than the one I grew up in. Let's hope no one you love ever gets cancer.
+Chris Rice Pretty much.  It sounds mean.  I only believe in administering preventative measures for "outlier" diseases.  Like, Bubonic Plague and Polio.  Cancer is preventable through dietary measures.
A prescription for a weak race is 1) Abort the first born, and 2) weaken the immune system of the child and posterity through artificial means. 
Our maximum lifespan is supposed to be only to around 80 or so.  A minimum lifespan is to the age of 70.  The question I need to ask - for the long term, seven generations - do you want a morally, physically fit, and mentally strong people to run America or a bunch of long lived push-overs living in slavery? 
+Brian Williams I wasn't born yesterday.  "minor diseases" for instance, measles and chickenpox, need to be allowed to run their courses.  They develop a natural immunity to the disease.  You continue to care for them, feed them lot's of chicken soup, and apply itching relief so they don't scratch and infect the wounds.  10 days later - it should be clearing up. 
Polio is making a comeback in some countries because of similar levels of stupidity and paranoia. It's a real shame.
Vaccinated children shouldn't worry coz if vaccinations worked they wouldn't contract the diseases... Only unvaccinated kids are at risk... Unless vaccinations don't work all the time...and I have met parents with kids that contracted measles, rubellas and so on while they all have received the complete vaccines. Furthermore, I read articles from some researchers about increased risks of autoimmune disorders as a result of vaccinations. We don't fully understand how our immune systems work and while some do benefit from vaccinations, some don't... And we have no way of telling how to screen for this. This is an issue that will not go away. Its extremely difficult to talk to parents who have lost their kids a week after they got a shot. No matter what we say, whether it was the cause or not, parents would see that a vaccine shot killed their children. And they have no means nor the resources to get any sort of justification.
A person who died because of an extreme allergic reaction to peanut butter,..... I wouldn't say that peanut butter is dangerous and should be banned but instead blame the person's immune system for the cause of death. The same for vaccination... while studies indicate that vaccinations are safe, not all immune systems are capable of responding to the barrage of vaccines and unless there is a sure way of screening, no one knows for sure. 
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