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We've made history! California’s average gasoline price set a record Saturday of $4.614 for a gallon of regular, up 12.8 cents overnight. Several service stations, though, are charging more than $5 a gallon for regular gasoline. Read why here:

Photo: Anne Cusack / Los Angeles Times
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SAY WHAT?? I guess its time to get a moped or scooter like they do in china.
Gus K
I think this was one reason people couldn't keep up with their mortgage payments the last time prices were ridiculous.
I wonder if the Koch Bros have a hand in this.
Gas is NOK 15 or about $2 per liter here in Norway, which translates to about $8/gal. We have a heavy tax here.
+Rarian Rakista They should. The thing about taking the bus is taking time from your free time. I was taking the bus these past couple of months and I left my house 2 hours early. Now I bought a car and I could leave 30 early before my shift starts. Metro needs to upgrade their service because it's horrible right now...
+J. Rae Chipera They should just tear down wide swaths of LA and other dysfunctional cities and rebuild it.  
RT @mbwdiver

to paraphrase Mr. Welch... Unbelievable gas prices. These Texas guys will do anything. Can't win CA so change the prices.
Two refineries are down in California, which  has its own blend of gas for pollution reasons (a fire in one, a power outage in another). Should be temporary. Also, the CA gov't can temporarily allow use of higher emission gas, as it has done once before. 
Good ! I Pay £1.40 per liter here in the UK!
Ryan Kube
Funny how Bush took so much shit for the high price of gas and no one says boo about Obama and the price of gas, even though it is worse now. 
i still can`t understand why, when gas and oil companies lose money the consumer has to make up the difference. they make enough money to weather the ups and downs. if all companies did that we`d be in a lot more trouble.
Better off putting a $5 day pass on my TAP card :-(
I wonder if it'll affect holiday spending. The more money spent on gas the less money to spend on shopping. At this rate our economy will be hurting too.
I'm in the UK, and paying roughly $11.1 for a gallon of diesel.
Don Judd
+Mark Boyd you do realize the president has virtually nothing to do with the price of crude oil, which is a futures based commodity, right?

Of course you don't. Your statement alone indicates you couldn't possibly understand a concept like that. Return to your cartoons now.
Thanks Mr. President for your stellar energy policy. How's that green energy thing working out for you?
seriously guys youve had it easy for long enough...also in the uk, we pay immense prices.
Try england it is now £1.40 for a litre that works out over £5.00 a gallon and you think you are badly done to
Where are all the people that were blaming Bush for gas prices?

Its not bush it is a consortium of middle eastern countries that has the
world to randsom and western governments taxing oil and blaming middle east
conficts for the high prices
I am sure it is not a one way street
+Mark Boyd - If you think back several years, this big price rise began when Bush was president. Like +Don Judd said, presidents have nothing to do with the price of gas, except maybe when sending the military to invade oil-producing nations causes gas prices to rise.
weird, i heard that American government has disscovered oil fields in the ocean and is granting licenses to big oil companys
Might have but its opec that set the price
Goverments just hike up the taxes
so what Robert? your currency is way stronger than the U.S dollar
That is retosective the cost of living in th uk is a lot higher
Get ready for EVERY THING to go up
In price. Food, textiles, rubber products. Spending will go down . Welcome to the second recession in 4 years. 
It's crazy to think that when I started driving 6 yrs ago gas was less than $1.50 
Take it you dont wish to fill a vechile up in the uk ha ha
This makes me reconsider moving to SoCal.
Pff easy living, try $11 per Gallon from Turkey to Norway and pretty much every country in between. Oh and don't forget the significantly higher income taxes as well.
it actually depends on the geographical location, LA being one of the most expensive cities in the US, people get paid more, and they spend more..
$4.614 per gallon about 1.42 per litre in english pounds we least dick turpin wore a mask........hence daylight robbery !!
+Leigh Dowson It's true that the cost of living in the UK is higher. That said, I don't know how wages there compare to the US. I've spoken to London limo drivers who tell me about their summer homes in the US and continental Europe. Don't know how many US limo drivers could tell me similar stories.
I live in the Netherlands and wish our gas prices were this low! I payed 1.78€ for a liter today! That's almost 10$ per gallon!
Thanks Obama. Keystone pipeline looks pretty good now
Not at the moment but the price goes up on a daily basis at present
It makes me laugh to hear Americans complain about the cost of fuel and living. My friend from colorado came to stay with me and my family in the UK in July and was shocked at what we have to pay for things here, she offered to fill the tank in my car until she worked the price out in $'s and realised it was around $150. I thought it was a cheap fill compared to most places I get fuel
it makes me laugh when i read what people think of Americans... +Matthew Staddon   im sure you complain about things not relevant to us Americans...
that's interesting. I have to wonder why gas prices are going down here. Not much of course but still a few cents helps
Roughly $4.32 (3.78 litres per gallon) with current exchange at $1.02. Or $1.18 a litre here in Calgary
here where i live in ohio its only 3.30$ per gal. i feel sry for the ppl that live down there!
What an accomplishment!!! You should be so proud!
Meh. Gas price has been that high for a few years, here, now. (in Canada) They are even talking going up to $2/litre (that's over $7.5/gallon) in the next few years...

Where are your big cars now?
+Dan Daily The President, and indeed any politician, has virtually zero impact or effect on petroleum prices. Domestic production is at an all-time high. One pipeline from Canada would do little or nothing to help us in California, or you in Georgia. I know, I know, your kind does not like facts. 
No I blame the oil comapnies
Typical whiney yanks .UK price for a gallon is over $10.16!! Stop bitching get your hand in your pocket and pay up.
"In short, the demand for gasoline has risen due to the large number of people getting lost attempting to use iOS6 maps for driving directions." -Source link 
+Jack Donohue , try that solution in the Midwest year around, with a 100 mile commute. Fuel prices have crippled tourism, logistics and commuting.
Hi..Currently in NSW Australia we pay 697.5 per US gallon and the Australian dollar is currently worth $1.02 US so don't feel too bad we are far more ripped off than you guys...Have a nice day
The higher the price of fuel the greater the chance real alternative energy will have. Like leg energy used when riding your bike. Like thumb energy used to catch a ride with someone that can still afford gas. This is an energy policy we can all live with because it will help us lose weight which will lead to fewer health issues related to weight. With fewer health issues maybe we won’t have to rely as much on government funded health care which in turn may lower the deficit. I could go on but maybe someone else would like to take it from here.
That sucks.
So glad I don't live in CA, anymore, and have to deal with CA politics. 
Soon enough we will all see this kind of price at the pump.. Avg. is around $3.75 here in salt lake city
Hmm we pay a bit over US$8 a gal and you complain....
Average gas price for Australia = $5.7456 per gallon or $1.52 per litre.

Seems the U.S. is desperately trying to catch up to the socialist countries. What a shock. 
I try to find sympathy, then I realise we pay $8 a gallon here and have done for the past ten years or so. 
I could've filled my tank at the stable 3.99$ a few days ago. But since I didn't, I was subjected to 4.59$. 
I will be driving 5 to 10 miles below the speed limit for the foreseeable future. 
+Leigh Dowson America only gets 2% of its oil from the middle east. Part of the problem is that Obama will not let anyone drill in the gulf and he cut off funding for the pipeline.
just LOVING the anti-american sentiment...
[eye roll]
we have truly lost ALL of our allies...
Don't let Israel hear you guys they ugly when they mad, they already mad because you didn't pull you self to go to war with Iran
$4.614 / gallon is still far less than we are paying in Australia.
Welcome to our world you overprotected motorists :-) Gas here is £1.40 per litre and has been higher.
+Ricardo Ferro if we all had electric cars they'd jack up the price of power. They will screw you anyway they can.
American gas is much cheaper than Europe! About 8 dollars a gallon here in Sweden :-(
+Damien Knight The U.K. is a socialist government, you are supposed to pay higher prices for everything because the government pays for 50% of the population to be on welfare. It's not the same in the U.S. but with the B.O. administration they are racing to turn the U.S. into a socialist society just like yours.
Same here, it is farr less than what we pay in Poland....
I figure we're paying $8.38 a gallon here in Ireland. And it's going up .
+Steven Hess Yeah.. its a republican conspiracy even though Obama was recently quoted that higher gas prices is a good thing since it forces people to switch to more expensive green cars.
Well Oil executives know we will pay, so why not ask top dollar. 
we are around 1.40 per litre where I am...I think that is comparable to US prices... always been cheaper to fill up on a daytrip to the US, I guess not anymore!
+Era Iris Bet you have a fart cannon, plastic body kit and a park bench screwed to your trunk lid too. My 6.2L LS3 gets ~24mpg. Shove your econobox.
Record-high gas prices. Great. 
Uk is an island with no resources how should we be the same as you ! 
Cry me a river....that is ridiculously cheap compared to other countries. Time to start driving smaller cars with better mileage
and stupid idiots don't even realize Obama is in bed with BIG OIL!!!
To Hell with economic! It's all a godforsaken $ game!
When will we wean ourselves off the petroleum teat? Guessing never?
Freedom of movement is being infringed upon with these prices. Roll out the 80 mile per gallon corroborators or give us an alternative. I am starting to feel claustrophobic.
Yowza! It is about $3.70 here in northern Indiana.
In Portugal, Europe, the medium price are now Eur 1.672/litre = US$8.248 / gallon.  Our minimum wage are US$619 / month and the medium wage are less than US$1300 / month
Don't kid yourself, we're all in bed with (OMG wait for it...)
Regulate it. Like electricity and nat gas.
I can only imagine the celebration at the Bush family. :-D
And it is not going to start to get any cheaper! Time to buy yourselves some bicycles!
I suspect that in retrospect we will see that our choices should have been made in favor of the best option, not the most financially comfortable.
Dumping the by-product of petrochemical combustion into the atmosphere will most likely be the geologic marker of the Anthropocene, the age of Man - a thin dark line in the sediment record. 
That happened in knoxville for a day then pilot who started it got sued for price gouging
Hope it goes to $10/gallon.  Then maybe, just maybe, folks will get serious about burning gas, funding the Middle East, wars over there and polluting our planet.
Oh wait, California is more of a Democratic state, hmmm I wonder why these prices are so high. Lol

Same with a couple of their cities that already filled for bankruptcy.
The refineries in CA conveniently close all at the same time and a few weeks before the elections!.
3.77 in Duluth MN. The crazy thing is...we live within 10 miles of a refinery that is producing gasoline daily.
Do something sensible and build smaller engines. As for $4.61 a gallon, come to the UK where it's nearly $8 a gallon. Then you can complain.
$3.49 here in VA. 
Still cheaper that us, lowest price in Metro Vancouver is 1.33 per liter yes liter you do the math how many liters in a gallon!
In switzerland we pay about 9 - 10 $ per us gallon. But an average car drives 40 miles per gallon. There 're even cars running 80 miles per gallon. We couldn't afford a car with 20 m/g either.
Well it is a good thing Gas is so high because that will cause people to think more about Green Cars so we use less Gas and save the Planet.

(No seriously, that was Obama's plan. How do you Plan to Vote now?)
$3.71 in North Carolina and $3.48 in South Carolina
Is this not unreal?!!! What the heck is going on. Why aren't we energy independent? I think we all know why. Too many regulations for one thing, and another sever hone knows we have enlighten oil in the US to last a lifetime, so what is up with that? As I see it something ain't right❗❗❗
In the UK we pay the equivalent to $8.70 to the gallon
Hows that "change" treating you? If you think that's bad, give Obama 4 more years.
Sorry about the quality of the latest post, I hope you can understand it. I was somewhat fired up, I'll try to do better.
most of Europe pays ungodly money for fuel, so waaaah to $5
And how is that Hydrogen going to be produced ?
USA fuel is lesser quality than Europe so should be a fair bit cheaper. Plus most of fuel price is government tax anyway which varies between countries. Hard to compare at a glace but at present USA is getting it easy right now compared to Europe, especially UK.
Still cheaper petrol than a lot of countries, keep on bombing and get that price back down...( alternatively perhaps stop wasting money on war)
We currently pay $1.51 a liter for unleaded fuel where I live in Australia. Prices are a little bit of a joke world wide.
When gas goes above $5,00, the government will be clueless why unemployment, crime, passions, and apathy toward liberalism go up. You can't keep blaming conservatives when there are none in power.
The Federal Tax is abou 27 cents per gallon (3.78 L) with states adding about another 18 cents per gallon. So at $5 a gallon it is not much of the cost.
What? Here in Sweden the price is 8.6 $ per US gallon. 
Send a note to the President "thanking him" for the price of gasoline,  compaired to a year ago!!
the rest of the civilised world is paying around $10
It doesn't help when average US car engine is usually a 3.4 V6, was OK when you were paying a fraction of what the rest of the world payed for fuel, now those gas guzzlers have drained huge amounts of the worlds resources your going to have to go down to sub 2.0 engines like the majority of the world, less fun but cheaper to run.

Could be worse, could have fuel duty and VAT to pay like UK have to, your prices equate to just over £1 per litre, its actually around £1.40 here right now. Public transport is a joke in the UK too, expensive, slow, generally unreliable and full of feral youths in big cities. It takes me 20 minutes to drive to work, would take 2 buses and about 1.5 hours otherwise.
come join the rest of the world in fuel prices. (well not the arabs, they pay next to nothing)
At some point people will wake up and ask the President when he will start supporting drilling again. You where warned.
Another bit of California Goodness.....
+Jeff Cookson I'll send my note to your elementary teachers, shaming them for not teaching you how government actually works.
Yet morons around the U.S. think obumbo is doing a great job.   They must be the ones getting the free obumbo phones
+Li Gardner, you can't blame Texas for it. There are two automobile emissions standards in the US: Federal, and California. Guess which one California falls under? You pay more for it. It's a fact of [California] life. Can you say, "Duh"? Want lower-priced gas? Come on over. Your job won't pay as much, but your gas will be cheaper. Then you'll complain about wages.
From +Jim Fawcette"Two refineries are down in California, which  has its own blend of gas for pollution reasons (a fire in one, a power outage in another). Should be temporary. Also, the CA gov't can temporarily allow use of higher emission gas, as it has done once before."
Well we're paying over two dollars a litre in New Zealand for a while now. I think it's roughly seven dollars per gallon. You guys are nearly there! Just a small effort to do!
Florida it's still $3.60-something.
That's why I don't buy gas. I'm skinny cause I walk and you're fat. 
Give the oil companies more tax breaks, that'll help.
Hope and change has turned into rape and pillage.
4.05 new york I just saw it at the gas station 
what are you moaning about we pay the equivalent of 12 dollars a gallon for regular in the UK
This kind of thing is that why I'm glad we made a real effort last year to figure out LA's public transit system. Truth is, it is way easier and more convenient than I thought. It's great to let someone else drive me through traffic while I read or kick back and discover sites I never was able to see while dealing with traffic. And they're adding transit lines all the time. Info here
Change minds, war can servive to every1, to insted ,war can destroy to every thing ,,,,,,
Don't panic America, stay calm, maybe you haven't noticed the trend of gas prices going silly just before an election campaign, and doing a nosedive just before voting? 

If you don't like the high price of gas then stop burning it.  #madmax
Weird, prices here (Pennsylvania) dropped the last few days. 
That's a record I won't celebrate. Honestly, you're telling me oil companies couldn't have planned something to prevent this from happening?!? Greedy pricks.
$1.53 per litre here in Queensland Australia, over $6 US per gallon.
lucky w**kers!! we are paying on average of $7.20 a gallon. get a life and stop invading other peoples countries and maybe we will be able to enjoy the cheaper stuff some day. actually, forget about that. i'm going for bio. maybe not. i'll just walk.
Guess who's parking their car in the garage for a long time.
Yah, here in New Zealand we pay the equivalent of $US 6.50 per gallon, and that's already being generous with the exchange rate.
Listen, to anyone NOT living in the U.S., I don't care what you pay nor do I care where you live.  I care about my country, my taxes and my situation.  The tone you put across is that of a child taking great pleasure with 'getting even".  Just shut up and go away because you have absolutely NOTHING to do with the U.S. and chances are if it weren't for our soldiers and tax payer billions, you'd probably be overrun buy some tin horn dictator you couldn't deal with yourselves.

  And Michael Cheng, you don't have a clue what you are talking about.  Instead of regurgitating liberal talking points, do some investigation of your own.  Obumbo has given 50 years equivalent of the "tax breaks" given to "big oil' in 4 years to his canpaign contributors that ran failed "big green" companies.  Okay to talk about the tax breaks given to "big education" that has put a college  education out of the hands of the average student???  Despite the fact that they are tax exempt, college tuitions have risen 25% since obumbo took office. I won't even get into the salaries of college admins and "tenured" professors. But I am thinking that has never been in your daily liberal presser to go out around the web to whine about in various posts...  

But please, do me a favor at the end of the day, switch from your obumbo democRAT Kool-Aid to the Jim Jones mix; you'll solve all our problems!
About time the U.S. pays closer to what the rest of the world does.
in maine we at 4 dollars a gallon i thought we had it bad
We should strive on putting effort worldwide about creating new sources of energy especially more cheap, efficient, and bio friendly. LA had the best public transit during its early years till Motor companies had them demolished for wider roads and to increase car sales. 
+J. Rae Chipera Norway is larver Athen California and got less population then l.a. We still got public transportation...
Why wonder? Compared to prices in Europe it's only about 60% of that what we pay! 1gallon = $7,4084 !! Not better to think about how to reduce the consumption?
 Alex McNair, is that your lame attempt at being sarcastic and smug???  Well here is my retort to your obvious failure then; cheap gas is in the same line of the Constitution with welfare, food stamps, medicaid, medicare, social security, free obumbo phones and obumbocare. Now go back to your crack pipe
Whether you drive or not the gas prices affect everybody indirectly.All food products and dry goods are moved around by trucks.the xtra expense is passed to the consumer.
+Alex Wilson I live in Norway ONE of the biggest oil producing countries, se ond biggest oil exporting country. We pay about 2.5usd pr. Liter of petrol
Priced like 10 years ago in Europe. Stop whining and enjoy! ;)
Gas station owners are beginning to wonder if their signs can display prices higher than $10 per gallon. Science fiction? Well, if Obama has his way it will be science fact.
Hardly a record. Other parts of the world pay twice that or more. The Americans complain loudly when their subsidized fuel goes up to as much as half what we pay though...
Good thing I've been e-biking... haven't filled up in two weeks. Gas was much cheaper then....:(
We export more oil than we import.  We get most of our imported oil from Mexico and Canada.  Most domestically produced oil is from private lands; that's why obumbo can't stop what is happening in South Dakota.

Alan Rimkeit, by all means, share your insider knowledge of the silver bullet you know about that is going to be the final death knell of fossil fuels??  I can't wait to hear because there is nothing remotely close that can currently yield the power needed that fossil fuels can unless you count nuclear.

 Plus, once something is developed, it will be tightly controlled because making people self-sufficient means there is no need for government.  What puny minds like yours fail to realize is that government/big business work hand in hand to control the masses to separate the from as much of their individual wealth and rights to keep them under their control.  Doesn't take a rocket scientist to notice this.  And of course, in the U.S. government (both parties) does a great job of using identity politics to accomplish this by keeping the average citizen fighting among themselves while they play the middleman collecting all the rewards fro playing referee.

At some point you and many of the other walking dead in this country might realize but there is a good chance it will be too late...No back to your crack pipe you go!
Hey, almost on par with the rest of us now. Boo hoo. Pity the empire.
Let's be civil. If we could package all the caloric output of the caustic comments here, there would be no shortage of energy. On the other hand, I think some of these qualify as pollutants <g>. 
A record in america. Everywhere else in the world is MUCH higher...
The gas companies and the Repubs. r trying to punish CA 4 voting 4 Obama
It was Bush's fault when gas jumped temporarily to $3.00 but not Obama's when its near $5.00? More fuzzy logic.
Jim C
Where did you locate the $5.50 sign at? Fake or real? News I read was reporting almost $5.00 - Most expensive in Frisco. 
+Rich Thicke no one else was taking a childish point of view, merely pointing out that the post (which granted, discussed a local price for fuel) was posted to a global social network, so your going to get people's point of view who don't come from the same location, otherwise it would be referred to as the "your-street-wide-web" or "RichPlus" - US isn't the only country on this planet, let alone the only one getting stiffed with high fuel prices.

And as for the tired assed "if it wasn't for our soldiers...." really? Pretty sure none of the people posting on this article fought in the wars your referring to, let alone paid taxes to fund it - let it go.
abc news last night reported that the highest in Cali was $5.55 / gallon 
San Diego's Sapphire Energy has already begun construction of a net energy yielding plant in New Mexico - they grow green crude with algae for about $75 a barrel, and that's an early cost.  In a few years, we won't NEED shale oil or foreign oil of any sort.
Do u know the price of crude oil is lower than it's been all yr. It's the people that hate Obama doing what they have been doing 4 3 yrs hurting the American people because of their racist hate 4 our President.
It's like when someone passes away, instead of leaving you a great inheritance, they leave you a pile of back taxes and crap.
In uk it's $8.50 a gallon! You got cheap gas.
Try living in the UK and paying for fuel.
in italy we pay about 9,6 dollar a gallon. Just sayin'
Ok, for all the non-US people saying that we should stop whining because our prices are so low in comparison, I say --- So is our pay. We complain because our $5.00 a gallon is equal to your $10 a gallon, when national economies are figured into it. We could not afford to live in your cities on the pay we get in the US.

To the US people blaming Obama, every one of you likely told us during Bush's term, when we first started compaining about the spike in gas prices, to stop whining and suck it up, because it's the free market, not the government, so stop being hypocrites. I HATE hypocrites.

To those who blame Bush, see the above paragraph. They were right. It's not the government, it's private business. Look at the record profits of the oil companies and futures traders for proof.
we dont want 4 more years thats for sure 
Thank you all. This comment thread has been quite enjoyable. As for the article and the price of fuel: meh.
5.59?  Thats it?  People, it's called pump and run.....your homeless dude pumps you run...
Yes, of course. It's an Election Year. The Republicans want to emphasize hardship toward the Middle Class in the hopes that they vote for their guy. (The Opposition--->) "Now wait a minute Gilberto!! That's not fair and you can't prove that to be true."  (The following is me being sarcastic and speaking to the 1% well off Republicans that think all hard working Middle Class folk know as much as and speak in a Forest Gump type manor--->) You may think "I'm not a smart man..." but I know 'tings'.  Who want to bet me that a month after the election is over the Gas Prices will level out again. Anyone? Anyone? ... ;cP
and i'm SO HAPPY the prices are going higher and higher, that just means oil is running out and we will be forced to find alternatives
There's that change Obama was talking about... Was wondering where it was.
Which president do we blame? Which refinery is making up for their losses?
Blimey thats cheap!. Wish I could buy at such bargain prices. (its roughly half of what europe pays)
Wow! It is over a dollar per gallon cheaper in the Dallas area.
Check out how much California tax is per gallon, might be some of the cause for your high price at the pump.
Just remember what the excuse was 4 years ago. Its bush and all his oil friends that are making gas so expensive
This is not good people.
still cheaper then the prices in Australia.. 1.60 per liter.. = 7.27 / gallon. so toughen up girls.
bullshit on you keep bringing Bush into this.  Remember the Moratorium back a couple years ago?  That is what screwed up the price of gas, that and the greed of the Middle East.
finally, hopefully we can get national average to $8/gal by 2015.
What +john mattson said - or try prices in Europe some time. The US price for petrol (gas in the US) is far, far below what just about every other first world country pays.
Sorry... But I would just walk...people have to draw the line somewhere...
Yet another reason i won't move back to cali
I don't know if it's so bad. When it becomes too expensive to run cars on petroleum, it will force the average consumer towards more environmentally sound options. Not just hybrids and EVs, but more efficient bicycles, telecommuting and working locally.
Shit... Midwest people can't afford this gas in CA. We d be hell broke!
best way to profit.... created bogus shortage... more profit less production.
+Don Judd you do realize politics has everything to do with oil/gas prices right? As the first guy mentioned Democrats, not necessarily the President, which is a valid argument. 
Wtf! Geez... Ny is getting there... Almost reaching 5
Public transport systems in the u k are not run for the general public they are run by conglomerates only interested in money money money we public have to pay or lump it And the chance of a cheap system in the u k you've got a better chance of walking on the sun 
Awww, bless them. $5 a gallon that side of the pond! Beats me how they're prepared to blow up middle eastern states for such cheap "gas" ;). Stop moaning until it hits $10+ like the rest of us and then sort out a practical solution to fuel cells instead.

And yeah, the next time you want a burger from the place across the road... walk! Then we can get onto eating healthier food ;)
Wow! Whole backward are the petrol signs in the US of A? That thing is a throw back to the 80's! LOL
Daaaaamn I am so glad I don't live in California, if I did live there this would be enough motivation to just pack my bags and leave.
Stacy D
Lyfe in los skandalous
Its funny how the idiots turn this into a Liberal/Conservative issue. It wouldn't matter who's in office.
Ride on bus or metro train still $1.50.  
Not driving till it comes down

close to I am Legend the movie
Wow hasn't petrol and politics got under Rich Thicke's skin. I was going to give a little cricket sledging but I feel it would be taken far to personally by Rich.
That isnt necessarily good new.
Here in the uk it's around $10 a gallon with the current exchange rate.

Considered lucky to be able drive nowadays with the soaring costs of fuel. Most off our fuel price is made of government taxes. 
aww poor babies you have to join teh rest of the worlds gas prices - and we survive just fine
I really do need to learn how to ride a bicycles.... this is rediculious
In Sweden I'm paying SEK 15 per liter for diesel! That's about $8.70 USD a gallon. A local price war has brought the cost of regular gasoline temporarily done to about $6.10/gal.
Do not worry! Renewable energy will change all that. After that! The price  will considerable fall :(  And your pocket, will be happy, about that. :)
This makes me love my 55mpg getting motorcycle a whole lot ... now if we could get more public transit, smaller cars and motorcycles in use .. and get rid of the SUV's, 400hp penis enhancements and the like .. might not be so bad. Hell, even CanAM Spiders can be rode by motorcycle weary .. it has 3 wheels. :)
"Listen, to anyone NOT living in the U.S., I don't care what you pay nor do I care where you live" - and this is why we have so many problems in the world.
I pay $1.45 a litre here in Australia and I drive a v8 land rover which must be one if the most uneconomical cars ever made. Ouch! 
I could afford to pay $80 a gallon for gas, if I was paid $300 an hour. It doesn't matter what you pay if the lost of living is comparable and the wages are too.

In this case, the average wage is not high enough to justify $5 gallons of gas.
+Eric Newcomb err actually Italian average wage is way lower than yours. You shall get rid of those Tank (you call cars) that run at 2mpg ;^)

BTW I wish we had such prices. Our gasoline is still affected by taxes like those for WWI - even though we did not start that war nor lose it.

Gor for the new, get a Prius :^P
+Don Judd the democratic party actually does have a hand in this problem here in California. See we are currently having high prices due to two refineries being out, well if it wasn't for liberal ass laws brought in from democrats in the costal communities there would be more drilling and refineries in the central valley operating to pick up the slack for two going out. Yet due to a kit fox and an endangered fish that isn't even native to the valley we are forced to go with out water or drilling. So when someone says thanks democratic party they aren't that far off. 
Too bad they killed the EV1. I loved mine. Silent, no vibrations, like taking the elevator everywhere. Of course if you need to buy electricity they'd get you there.
I'll never understand how that State get's ripped off every single Summer - at some point by the refineries. It's been happening for 50 years, Prices bounce up 10-30% around Memorial Day and a major reason I moved away from there. Don't think Enron ever left maybe.
Biking is free & you also don't need to take a loan out to buy a bike.
This sucks for anyone that lives in this world. It. Drives up the cost of everything. Everybody needs fosil fuels except the tribes people.
+Don Judd you do realize politics has everything to do with oil/gas prices right? As the first guy mentioned Democrats, not necessarily the President, which is a valid argument. 
I thought slavery was abolished yet here we are, slave to oil and paying to be many problems would be solved if we found a cleaner, Bush-like/Middle East free alternative?
The too high price in California is still a deal for much of the world....
Its nearly US$2.00/liter (currently 145 Yen/liter) here in #osaka   #japan  - which translates to about US$8.00/gallon. 
Folks, #gasprices  are high in the U.S. - but far higher in #europ  and much of the world.  For what it's worth.
Just another reason the west ain't the best I guess.
I think somegroup making up a story and raise the price. they want to see people are screeming or not, if not that will be the price of gas soon. just like they start with2,3,4 and now 5. who making all this profit??????
That's ok, you guys are already in Obamas pocket... He does not care....
Big deal! You should see the prices in other places of the world (USA isn't the world). Prices have been terrible in Australia for years! Harden up and find an alternative fuel already!
Yes we all get that european gas is more expensive you also don't have to drive as far to get places and have a far better urban transit system because of the lack of suburban sprawl. So thanks for nothing
$161 to fill my car (Mondeo) with diesel, in Scotland.
I'm 13 so I can't imagine what it will be when I grow up and get my license :(
Still less than what Europeans were paying 15 years ago. Spoiled Americans we are!!
Vote with your wallet and buy the fuel efficient vehicles. (From a Detroiter.)
We pay a dollar more than that in Australia
<- spoiled american & LOVING it!!!   =D
we shouldn't ignore/forget how blessed we are...
Big deal. You can walk across Britain in like an hour. Get a bike and a power bar and quit complaining. :)
rich white 
Why would a oil company desurve funding from my US government for a pipeline which will carry oil here from Canada to be refined and sold by Canada on the world market. Just because we drill for oil here doesn't mean it stays here it all gets sold on the world market by the oil companies for a profit. So lets give them more of our corporate welfare to ship oil around the world
We all need to stop buying gas for one day and see how much money the oil companies loose........greedy people making record profits and we all pay for it :(
We've had to deal with over inflated gas prices here in the Chicago area for years. Welcome to the club!
Yet another reason not to go to West Hollywood.
Taha A
Still one of the cheapest among developed countries!
That's York is $4.17 for regular
Wouldn't buy much of that big blocks are thirsty.
Yet another reason why I don't live in L.A. or in the state of California.
To all the English people complaining they spend more per gallon.. YOU LIVE ON AN ISLAND.. That is all.
+Rarian Rakista ironically los Angeles had one but it was bought by oil companies and they shut it down in favor of highways and the more gas consumed by them.
I can't believe people don't realize how little the price of gas in the US has to do with the price of oil, and how much it has to do with our lack of refineries. We haven't built a new one since the 70's.
got nobody to blame but ourselves....
Public transportation, no public transportation, horrible transportation..... it does not change the fact that fuel goes will go up regardless of whether its fueling a private car or public bus, or public train. Trust me there will still be complaints about raising prices regardless. Anyone who has lived in NYC may have an idea about that.
We all need to stop buying gas and start buying sustainable food sources to feed our family's
Because this shit ain't working
Yikes time to Buy a bicycle if you work close to home!
Man if the gas was that high in Indianapolis we would be riding the bus
to Brad:  I agree; we should be more refined.
I wish our gas was so cheap too! It's more than double here in Italy
Wow, you yanks are paying the same as us hosers.  Finally!!
Yeah normally $8 dollars is the price per gallon in the rest of the planet but we don't have insane property taxes and tolls on each ramp access to Expressway/highway/turnpike like in the United States of North America.. Greed!
+Don Judd Sorry, but in spite of your demeaning contents, while the President doesn't directly affect gas prices, there is plenty he can do to affect gas prices: limiting drilling leases (land and sea), limiting refinery permits, limiting supply by blocking pipelines, etc. All of these have a negative effect on gas prices...
Paid $4.26 at Sam's club in the San Joaquin Valley.
+Darren Ehlers there is no pleasing the conservative base for Obama, and your comment is a direct reflection of that.

When the BP oil spill happened, you all blamed Obama for his "Drill Baby Drill" stance on opening more and more oil rigs. Currently there are more drilling operations underway than there were during the Bush administration.

But when future prices on crude remain high, it's "Oh, he didn't drill enough". Conservatives should really quit waffling on every issue to suit their arguments for the day.
Yeah! Make sure you vote for Obama next month. That will fix it!
California mandates the use of a specially formulated gas that essentially only CA refineries produce. Severe regulatory burdens have discouraged investment in refinery capacity. Constricted supply will always increase volatility in prices; the refinery fire a while back started people asking questions about the ability of the industry to supply sufficient amounts of the special California gas, and when they didn't like the answers to their questions, panic ensued, as expressed by this price surge.

Blaming presidents for the price of gas is bizarrely misinformed, especially in the case of California, which struggles under a unique burden of governmental dysfunction.
Niya QB
some cities in other states don't have public transportation. most people drive unless u can no longer do so due 2 eye site or age. i see a future with high gas prices bc cars r being made more gas efficient & the gas companies may try 2 recoop their loss.
What a stupid bunch of over taxed idiots.
Omg. This is some kind of expensive. I feel sorry for my Californians right now and will not complain the next time I am at the pump cause I know it could be worst...
Thank General Motors for buying all the public transportation across the country in the 50s and destroying it to put more cars on the road and Andrew Card former General Motors' Vice President of Government Relations until he became chief of staff for George W. Bush in 1999. He fought against the electric car mandate in California. Oh and remember Enron creating black outs to drive up energy prices?
Well time to make own vehicles that don't require gas. For the people out of the states, most of your cars (small desiel) are much more efficient then what we have. I had a little polo that got 50-60 miles a gallon in spain. Here if you work construction you need a truck and that usually gets you about 14-18 miles a gallon. Personal im looking into hydrogen and it's easy to make especially from salt water... ocean water which we have a TON of. We need to get our heads together and create.
Yeah you Californians should keep voting democrat, cause it sounds like it's working out for ya
Well, that is CAPITALISM.  To make the rich richer and the poor poorer.  Americans are fond of Capitalism and so they have to pay the price for it.
Next step is $7 gas. Come on, CA, you can do it!

 Rising gas prices is a political stunt to anger voters at Obama.
Well a silver lining to this is that maybe we will be forced to get out of this super inefficient oil based economy and finally go into the 21st century.  Green sustainable energy is where it is at!!!!!
Bloody hell It would be great to get fuel as cheaply as you Americans.  You pay about 40- 50%% of what we do in UK  It just cost me £115 to fill up - whats that $170? 
On Texas the fuel ok the price is. 3.75 to 399
Remember when we used to see pictures of all the chinese riding on bicycles and little mopeds? Well now that will be us too. But I have to add that there aren't very many obese chinese people. Maybe it will do us good.
Well I have a whole pasture full of solutions for our current energy policies
Hydrocarbons drilled from US soil sell the same with the imported ones
That's good, isn't it?  People will drive less, thus saving the delicate ecosystem.
I hop that it goes up to $20 a gallon. Would be less traffic on the roads :)
y wont Montana let us drill there? they have so much oil! we could stop depending on foreigners! ...unless we deplete theirs, then use ours...hmmm.
We are drilling in Montana, and we are happy about it
At this point, it might be cheaper to power your car with booze.
+Don Judd actually the President can do a lot to advance energy exploration via executive order. Though the comment by +Mark Boyd was a little snarky, he's actually right, the Democrats are a significant proximate cause for our present energy crunch. They have blocked increasing domestic energy production at almost every turn. Don't take my word for it, here's the most hilarious historically relevant evidence of Democrat energy debauchery, in their own words (pay attention to the date, priceless!):
It's always been cheaper to stay home than work... always. It's always been less profitable too.
Love listening to you people talking about saving the planet and bitching about prices. No matter what we do we cant save the planet, it will destroy itself once the inner iron core is depleted. As for prices? I live in New York where jobs are extremely hard to come by and more and more people are being forced out on the streets, becoming homeless. Try living here nd starting over from scratch and hving no real opportunity to better ones living becase nobody gives a shit. Keep bitching people, you see how far thats gotten you.
I saw this first and thought, wow, you guys are hurting.  Then I did the math on gallons and litres and we're (Aus) paying more!!!! ($5.40) Yay. 
Am sure! For now: i'll start to take bus, metro, bicycle and do a lot of walk. Maybe, with this kind of change, the price, will go down   Hope so!! :(
+Steven Hess lol, the Koch brothers would be, and have been, outspoken against high energy prices and restrictive laws prohibiting domestic energy production. If anything, this would be celebrated by green/liberal activists who believe that making the primary fuel the nation's vehicles currently run on extremely expensive, thus force people out of them, is a great social engineering, market manipulation - even at the expense of the working poor who these prices affect most.

Your comment is indicative of common, incoherent, conspir-a-blame, where even if a person or group you dislike would never condone or push for something, "they probably had a hand in it" just because it's something negative, lame.
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