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News alert: Mitt Romney has selected U.S. Rep. Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin as his running mate, according to unnamed sources cited by NBC News, CNN and the Associated Press.

Ryan, 42, authored a controversial budget plan that would curb spending on popular programs such as Medicare. Ryan’s selection would portend a fierce debate in the campaign’s final phase over the size and role of government.

Updated to include link to our story:,0,7029386.story
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yes, curb the spendings, whatever they spend, nothing change, simply spending somebody's money 
I hope they won't cut funding to my re-education psych hospital.  Doctor would not be happy.  Where would all the political activists go?
If true, Obama is a two term President. Bad choice, Mittens. America does not want any Republican from Wisconsin a heartbeat away from being Commander In Chief. 
Why are not all Presidential Candidates required to to select the highest polling runnerup among the nominees for there running mates and get rid of those idiots they choose for Vice-Presidential Candidates.
Newsflash: Mittens, might as well have chosen Sarah Palin
Tea Party is just Neocon 2.0.
It's like peek-a-boo.
What a freaking moron. I thought he was just playing stupid but he is a freaking idiot.
Out of touch candidate + a dude that doesn't care about the little guy and women = scary
Those that are kind and has been famous in this world, they’re not cowardly wealthy. Because, they don’t abuse on poor people.
Aquellos que han sido y son célebres en este mundo, no son unos ricos cobardes. Pues, ellos no abusan de la gente pobre.
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