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+The New Yorker's Amy Davidson weighs in on our publication of controversial photos from Afghanistan.

What do you think of her take?
Amy Davidson on the pictures from Afghanistan: The hard question might be whether the L.A. Times "has released too few, not too many pictures. The answer to that will depend on whether anything changes now."
In a picture the Los Angeles Times published on its Web site, American troops are posing with some of our Afghan allies and what is left—not much—of the body of a suicide bomber. The Afghans are hold...
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Fox News is upset that you published this photo, +Los Angeles Times! Forget the misconduct, Geneva convention rules and all that jazz!!
Our occupation of Afghanistan is costing American taxpayers $500 billion so far, so I think we should be interested to see the return on our investment.
As opposed to sweeping it under the rug and pretending it does not exist? Well done LA Times.
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