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Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid (R-Nev.) reacted harshly Tuesday to House Speaker John A. Boehner’s “Plan B” contingency measure to preserve tax cuts for a majority of Americans (and only raise taxes on Americans earning more than $1 million per year), but the proposal gained matter-of-fact acceptance by Republican leaders in the Senate. (story by +Morgan Little)
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Aside from Reid being a Democrat...nice job, Times.
Reid is a D, not R
Reid has outed himself as someone completely averse to the idea of compromise. And someone who fits a description like that should not have a seat in Congress.
how come about the only people being elected to lead america are lunatics???
Compromise = give the republicans everything they want?  (Like was done two years ago?)
+Bob Ketcham is completely right. It's funny how when the Republicans won't budge and block everything it's ok but when the Democrats stand to their guns they're deemed someone who should not have a seat in Congress? 
Would you believe that I had Harry Reid mixed up with Mitch McConnell? Because that's exactly what happened. And now I'm embarrassed.
the Democrats and that includes Obama need to grow a pair ... and a spine
I work for the government in contracting, I can tell you this is all smoke and mirrors. The government already started making cuts early this year. The other day I know of over 500 defense contractors that lost there jobs why, because the government has cut them. Military members are getting booted for things as simple as not passing there hearing test. Rank and service limitations have been moved back. So people that could retire in 20yrs can't anymore if you don't get promoted. The media has hyped this up and everyone bit off on it even me. I'm sorry to say but we all will pay for this war and there are people that are laughing there way to the bank. 
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