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A June poll by CNN found that 54% support same-sex marriage. A more recent poll by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life found that 48% of the general public support it. But only 34% of House and Senate members do.
WASHINGTON – The American public increasingly favors allowing same-sex marriage, but most of the country’s representatives in Congress are not convinced.
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Congress lags behind the public in just about everything else.  Why should this issue be any different?
I don't see how every person who believes in God is necessarily against gay marriage.
Uh yeah, it's called Federalism. Look it up then take a moment to contemplate its effects.
But I think that someone can believe in God but not the Bible? Are you trolling?
Jeremy, if that were the case, 82% wouldn't eat pork, get tattoos, get rounded haircuts, gossip, get remarried, work on the Sabbath, women wouldn't speak in church, eat shellfish, have sex before marriage, and they would put their kids to death for cursing their parents. There are plenty more. If you want to get in other people's business over who they love, you'd better start following ALL the rules.
I'm not trying to attack you, merely identifying the fact that you don't need to believe that part to be a good Christian. Some of the best people I know are very religious; they spread the love of God. Many things have changed in a couple thousand years.
When gay marriages became massive, the civilization is in crisis. Fact! Example - ancient Greeks or Rome empire. 
GOP Congress critters are more intolerant than GOPers in the regular population.
Thou shall not KILL, thou shall not commit ADULTERY, thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor, thou shall not STEAL, remember the Sabbath day and it keep it holy.... an it goes on. (Funny how opponents to marriage equality skip these defined sins and focus on an ambiguous verse). 

Thou shall not love.... not one of them! Stop the hate and stop speaking for the Lord for GOD loves all his children. Read the bible (for yourself), understand Jesus's story and stop believing the dogma that you were trained to believe. We are here love each other as our Lord does- without restriction or condition.  
+Brian Serviss Thanks bud. Unfortunately it came from a place of anger. I am so tired of the bad reputation Christians get...especially lately. We are not all full of hate. 
I can understand the anger, Christians do get a bad rap for the loud mouthed but small minded few which seem to hog all the attention.
+DK Morgan It is pretty funny about the history of this country - killing the indians, slavery, and all the wars, yet gay marriage is going to end it all. Too funny.

Please don't let these weak minded people get to you.
This shows that extremists have taken over the GOP
+Jeremy Howard Just because someone believes that gay people are equal and should have equal rights, doesn't mean they don't believe in God.  If the Christian philosophy that says that God loves everyone is true, then one has to assume that God loves gay people also.

As someone who identifies as an agnostic, I really doubt most of what the Bible says about anything.  I refuse to have my life dictated by some obscure collection of writings that were compiled over 2000 years ago.

As a firm believer in separation of church and state, as provided by the U.S. Constitution, I think you right wing Bible-thumpers need to just step out of the way, and stop impeding any progress this country is currently making in the attempt to bring us out of the Dark Ages, that you so called Christians are trying to keep us in. 

Believe it or not, many people in this country are actually trying to achieve some level of civility and acceptance for those people who may be somehow different.
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