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The Infinity Pool in the Sky!

Introducing the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, with what has to be... one of the world’s most impressive swimming pools (57 floors up above the city of Singapore)!

The pool stretches an incredible 150 meters (492 feet) and is the world’s largest outdoor pool at that height. You can see the hotel for yourself on our site here >> if you fancy taking a dip. We just wouldn't advise any running or diving!
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never in million years I would go to that pool!
where is this amazing place?
awesome where is this Place can any one tell me 
I'll surely want to have a splash from this pool. :-)
its best 4 hanging out with friends.waow i love it so much coz it brings  only good memories back
so beautiful place
I could easily take a dip in there
Reminds me of washing ants down a drain when I was a kid. Karma is sometimes the best deterrent. However, it is beautiful!!
i want to be there at least for a moment
Great architecture and also.  
I'm afraid after watching these pictures. How can people swim? OMG :/
Its an illusion you can't fall over. I just posted a side photo in my stream.
The Marina Bay Hotel and Casino in Singapore is a wonderful place.  Great views of the harbour as well as the city.
i guess google noticed I looked at this page and now it appears in my G+
ha ha, I get the heebie jeebies every time I see a pic of this place.
I would be more afraid of what ends up in the water when people become frightened.
i would be scared to death!
Iris W
Very nice but how do they stop people falling over the edge?
its so damn amazing...i would love to swim...
yeah all right, lets swim to our doom...
OMG.  This is beautiful.  Must put in my travel bucketlist.
I don't think you'll survive a fall like that.....
I wouldn't be able to go any where near the edge :-)
I want to go there so bad! This is amazing!
I think I might just be tooo scared to swimming up there.  But incredible view.
That is hot...definitely wouldn't turn an invite to that place down.
Frank T
this is dangerous....yes, it would be a terrible misfortune if someone were to uh accidentally destroy the wall that supports this pool in singapore while you were in it, wheres my money, eh? 
is there any walls at the end OMG!
hey , this place i think good for feel enjoying life
Jim Lee
Sick! my heart is pounding already by looking at it!
I really want to go that place! :)
doesn't every ringworld or dyson sphere have these?
Seen this before... WISH I COULD GO THERE!!!!!
That's insane like in a ill enjoy it but still be terrified way
Is this just a fake concept design or is this physically real?
amazing photos....I would like that.....kereeen abis
Is that real...... If it is so cool!!!
That is awesome i wish i were there!
That's awesome.  Sign me up.
Looks very nice but not really protected!? Is that safe? Doesn't show a lot of people in there... probably scary and expensive!
stayed there, unfortunately too many families with kids, but yes it is a cool view :) btw the location of the hotel is next door to the casino... this makes it a busy place which is not located conveniently to the rest of Singapore IMHO. However, taxi or bus transport is very efficient :)
Wow, it looks unreal until you start reading.
dude that looks so freaking unreal! Epic.
that is so cool i wish i was there!!!!!:)
The only bed part is the price- its really expensive and you can only swim if you stay the nigh- separate costs for people who just want to see the pool
James B
That's scary as BEEP (FIRE)
Those who commented are human/brave.

Those who swam are living .....
@Kieran Scobie

That is obnoxiously hilarious!
I live in a 56th floor apartment, so it's only on top of my flat. I would love to swim there someday, it looks lovely!!!!!!
Real enjoy in life.....
Just looking at that picture is giving me anxiety.
wow, this is utterly BREATHTAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's crzy. I'd be afraid to get sucked down. That'd be a lonnnnnnnnng drop
Wow! But not wow for anybody especially for the children who look down and the chance of falling down are very much scary...
amazing .. beautiful and little worried about the ppl who are watching the view down .... opps i love to be there ....
i herd about this on tv. sounds intriguing 
Okay, I would look over the side, gag and swim back to the area of land...get out and scream realizing I am so many odd feet in the air in my bathing suit. I would than get back into the water coaxing myself and telling myself that the building is secure its not gonna fall or anything I would than swim over to the edge, gulp and look down. I would also, being the paranoid person I am, think of the worst possible thing that could happen (I.e. an earthquake or the world ending) and scream a blood curdling scream and make a b-line for the elevator. I would than go down to the lobby and walk outside and onto a sidewalk bending down and kissing the u could tell I don't like
hehe.. welcome to singapore
Am I the only one that thinks this is as SCARY as hell :O
damn awesome a little insane but that view makes it worth it!
Although fascinating .. I'll take my swimming at a ground altitude of zero thank you very much!
My worst two nightmares water and hights
Wow is this for real?
yay LOUDER yay LOUDER!! yay UHH too loud
Wow impressive! 57 floors up above the city by swimming pools largest??
I wanna swim in THAT pool!!! HELL YEAH!
How cold do you think it is up there? I'm thinking windy...
Wish we could see the other side - to see what happens if they fall over the side
Amazing scary...i'd be scared to fall off the edge
My sister visited Singapore...she said is was sick! Beautiful city by far!
so.............nice...........i am very like it..............its amazing.........
That infinity pool is awesome! Same with the place
I would most likely fall off the side.  
Amy S.
that's awesome but I'd probably die
I need a good therapist !!!! Its beautiful but I cant bear the thought of slipping over the edge.  I must write 100 lines..." I must not get caught up in my thinking so that I can enjoy!"
Wow... Added to my must see and experience list...
I would love to spent a whole day over there
There is no way I could go near the edge how do the keep people from going over?
I went there before, its was great! During night, the view was SPECTACULAR
i wonder how many people have almost fallen off
That looks so cool and scary
B Xu
Singapore needs it.
It's OK - don't worry - you can't "splat to pieces" - they have another pool at ground floor level to plunge into :)
...just kidding - but there is an area to the front of the pool which prevents you from plunging straight down from the edge of the pool... although this isn't obvious from near pool level is it? :)
jungal of kankrit no end of this hight
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There is a pool similar to this at the Trump Hotel in Panama City, Panama. Not nearly as big but just as nice. 
yeah it does! What if you fall of and splat on the concrete?
Wooww very nice looking its grate!!! I love so much
i think this is in afganistan

I would love to visit, though, i don't know where this is and i doubt
it's Afghanistan..
can you fall of the edge though??
Tht lookz lke fun... i wish i culd go dere...Kewl
i really want to go their ...........
but first i want share it....
i like it so much ........
I wanna make reservations and sure go one day...
a 55 storey hotel in singapore.very beautiful.
+vijay jai, there is a link in the post to a review of the hotel which clearly says it is in Singapore.
Selam dostlarim cok meskuldum kusuruma bakmayin bundan boyle beraberiz , saygilar sunuyorum herkese!
Whoaaah!  Looks a bit scary to me!  Better not go too close to the edge, eh?  Surely there's something preventing anyone from accidentally going over, no?  I'm just sayin'...
+reshma lalgee Its on Marina Bay in Singapore. I used to go look at it at night from the Esplanade when I lived there.
RIDICULOUS! nice idea...but you wouldn't catch me in it lol
No way Jose I would ever go in that pool!
Or being there during a typhoon! ... BUT SHARING!
growing up in the 80's, I used to draw and design buildings for fun. What did my parents tell me as a budding architect? "You can't put a pool on the roof, it's impossible." Way to go, mom. Thanks for the vote of confidence.
I would luv to swim in it
All it takes is one little way I'd go. Beautiful though!
Ajmal V
wonderful to see
Paige D
i would love to swim in that pool
That's the hottest pool ever 
whatever you do dont look down. too late im looking down. whoa!!!
Good imagination..........Thinking person.................
that's an amazing shot!
We need one of these in the US...would love if one of the condo developers here built this!
i'd never go up there.... and die of vertigo!!!!=D but its beautiful.
How awesome! I would love to be there!
I would really like to go here does anyone fall off?
is that like a pool or sumthing people in it!!!! wow its beautiful but ill be terrifyed
One of the things to check off next time I'm in Singapore!
Magnificent! Definitely a place I want to visit for great photography!
Amazing - I've never seen something like this before!
that looks awesome. the downside is it is a possible suicide jump area, which i'm sure would be bad publicity for the place. it still has a freaking awesome view.
han sun
wooow  what the hell!!
ay cha neva shwemz neva drink when in wrong move mhmm!!!
been there, it is amazing!   Very impressed with Singapore.  
this is the coolest pool ever!!!
Son: "Hey dad, look, i'm swimming to the edge!"
Dad: "Ok, but becaref-"
Son: "AAHHHHH!!!"
Dad: "Oh sh*t, my wife is gonna kill me."
Don L
Epic? - yes.  Pass? - yes.
n if you pee in pool they will throw u down direct frm that edge 
Yes !! one of the most expensive hotels in the world > Singapore's "Marina Bay Sands" ... so cool !!
I wonder what the maximum capacity of swimmers fro that pool is. Is it 250? or more like 500?
Cuando ves cosas asi es cuando te das cuenta de todas las cosas increibles que te quedan por ver en la vida.
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