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Surprisingly, we’re not huge fans of camping here at

Especially not when it’s 4,000ft up a vertical cliff face! Yikes.

Here's ‘Extreme Camping’ (from Gordon Wiltsie - via telegraph co uk)
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i wont be able to shut my eyes, thinking the whole thing is pegged onto the rock by a tiny iron thingy (forgot what it's called), a line of rope.
Life is truly #hangingout here!! I wish i was there.Its so awesome!
Looks cosy. I'd probably get a better night's sleep up there, with the lack of feral cats and milk vans and all.
wow! can like that??? ahahahaha....
i would absolutely pass out if i was there, probably would jump
Mist all chucking frighty! Wouldn't wanna 'forget' and go for a wander/pee in the night!
what courage they had!!
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk,elle s sao doudos eiiso er prova de amor err
It will be cold enough at night.
Kevin Lai
hope the tents and hooks are not made in china
Feeling old at the moment...then again, nobody has survived walking in these shoes. I'm truly blessed.
Is it the image placed upside down?
haha, just joking. You guys are awesome!!!!!
it would suck if you walked in your sleep
they really must trust those ropes!!
Turn the picture 90° to the left and it just looks like an average camping pic.
well what can I say: how is it hanging guys? :)
Does anybody know which place exactly this is ?
I could swear there were four tents last night...
looking really adventurous but dangerous also...
I'm into hotel rooms with room service myself LOL
It wouldn't work for me .. I'd step out to take a leak at some ungodly hour and .. that would be the end of me ..
You'd NEVER catch me doing that; even in my younger and more adventurous days
Madness, if it doesn't come with a fur-lined toilet and 24 hr room service, I'm not playing.
I'd be screaming if I woke up in a tent 4'000ft on a cliff face O___O
Now show me how they construct a campfire and I will be impressed.
Get out of town! Is it for real? Got to be someone pulling our legs, right?!
If everyone would do that, the mountains would look like swiss cheese. Respect the rock you climb!
watch out for those rock climbing bears!
this isn't insane or crazy.... this is what hard core adventure guys like the climbers do... and they take all precautions for safety. This is for sure an established climbing route and hence they know what they are doing.
wow thats werid and how do they get all that stuff up there..!?
Joe Pas
Absolutely not.... eek.
OMG, no flippin way! Talk about adventure!
bui ha
my god
it's so crary and I'm not interested in playing it
I've camped quite a bit with a tent hammock, up to 30' in a tree. Wow, I would totally love to do that, though.
It'd be a real bitch to forget where you are in the middle of the night while getting up to go pee.
Yikes. This is #photography I'd never do.
+Mike Nowacki I would take an extra piece of rope and tie it round my ankle so I could only get as far as the zip to pee!!
wow amazing, I want to try it but just on my house wall
OMG good luck up there
Now that i like being a rock climber and all. Just got to not forget your dangling off a cliff when you go pee ;)
I can't never but my self in this were ever place. To the top guys.
if they need to pee you would hope that you are not climbing up the wall below
I would have a heart attack if I were them!
Those people are crazy! What if the tent's rope broke? That would be super scary, that one guy is even hanging out his tent. CRAZINESS!!!
That's kool,amazing,and freaky! :o
No thanks... wtf are people thinking. Just because you can technically do something, doesn't mean you should always do it.
Hope none of the sleep walk or forget where they were at night. OUCH!!
Kim SE
hhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nice,.
its scary but it is worth :-)
Seems the guy in the red jacket forgot to fetch his toothbrush before settling into the tent!
for most people maybe consider crazy or even stupid things to do but for this guys its sure is one hell of a fun, maybe they have a reason to do something like that
ummm y would u do that u guys r smarter than that kno if you guys were dyin then i understand that and i would do that myself!!!! but in this case dont do that stupid people these days
that would be a rush...I'm not sure if I'd have the guts to do that or not though.
How could anyone sleep ... The adrenaline rush would keep me awake all night
Joe A
Another 1280 ft and you can join the mile high club...
Could they REALLY sleep in in such a condition?
There's no way I would be able to sleep.
At least you won't get snakes in your sleeping bag.
Give me old-fashioned camping any day:)
I cannot sleep on that whatever reasons!!
I hope there is no sleepwalker in the group.
hay man is it not dangerous ?
They have to rest somewhere?
must be relaxing to get away from it all!
That would be soooo scary...but at the same time curiosity will kill me if I don't try!! :P
that is dissintelligent camping
It's not fun when you have to sh*t :D
I wonder where is the photographer standing/sitting/flying/hanging. He must be superman!
If you have to sh*t it's even less funny for the other climber camping a hundred feet bellow.
All I can say is W-O-W-! Makes me get that funny feeling in the pit of my stomach-you know the one you get when you are on a roller coaster & it just dropped you from the highest point... How about when you are just about in a deep sleep & your entire body JERKS AS IF YOU JUST FELL OFF OF SOMETHING LIKE YOUR PICTURE!!! lol yep that's what this pic does to me. Nice picture
could you imagine what it would be like trying to use the bathroom while camping like that.
If anybody can sleep there, he or she is epic
optical illution ! the ground is NOT 3000 meters down, it is only 2800 meters ! ha ha.
Easy if you need a pee in the night.
The occupy everything movement gets to its logical conclusion... :)
Now that's what I call ruffing it!
I could totally sleep through that ... oh wait, by sleep I mean pass out from terror.
So, who took the photo? :o
Outside toilets smell like clean crisp air, just watch out for updrafts during no1s
awsome where is this?
how long would this take to set up?
No thanks! What if you are a sleepwalker?
insane in my book! couldn't ever get me to do it! ;)
You would not want to forget where you are
I think this might actually be the scariest thing I've ever seen.
damn, those guys went beyond unique, adrenaline pumping FTW
I would need somebody to come up and get me, because I would be frozen with fear.
no the photography is some kind of's captured by turning ur camera turn ur head u will know
think the photo was taken rather vertically. lol. surprising if you will venture for this
i would die if someone told me thats how i had to sleep that night haha
HOLY SHIBA! i'm scared just to jump off 8 steps of stairs :(
Nothin like a gust of wind to make you feel alive
Definitely wouldn't get any sleep up there!
I am scared of high places but i would so do this. Got to live life to its fullest.
I've always wondered what it would be like to get that falling feeling when u are sleeping in a cliff. 
Fun with Pitons, Nuts and Beaners
It really does look like trick photography. I know that you can do this, just the way they show it doesn't look real. Turn ur screen sideways and see what you think. 
wwooooo...what the hell they doing there..
Late rooms appear wonderful for tsunami prone homes or what is your take?
Might as well take a hammock. Instead of lugging up tents.
How do you start a camp fire? In fact, nothing about this family vacation looks like a good idea!
I'll stick with a nice comfy bed on flat ground.
for a second it looked like bats hanging upside down!!
wow. don't try this if you're prone to falling out of your bed
Although I agree with +Anirudh Ganesh that it is probably a trick of angle.. they are probably on a narrow ledge and tethered for safety from wind and accidental movement.
I remember seeing this on T.V or in a magazine. What happens if they fall or if the line breaks?"
a distant cousin in law of mine does this. very intense guy, as you might have guessed.
I couldn't wrap my mind around doing something like that but wow you all must have nerves of steel!
is this what you call "hanging by a thread"?
Keep a tight grip on things.
always fun to almost fall off a mountain in a tent
I did not read 336 comments, so forgive me if this has already been asked, but I want to know, where was the photographer?
I am suspecting certain death out of this.
id be f***ing scared to life!!! i would probably kill myself!!!
That's extreme alright! I don't think I'd sleep very well in that precarious position.
that is sooooooo cool i would love to do it
im sure i wud hav stayed up all nite....
praying dat d nail n rope hold..
Way to go to start a hangout!
Talk about living on the edge!
For me, heights are terrifying but it is incredible
I wish I could do that... Safly be I would get out of the tent and fall. and were is the photographer standing?
How about an altitude BBQ? Nice & cozy fireplace in the tent
R u teally that high,cuz if i were u i wouldn t dare shut my eyes,not sleep.
This is dangerous and very risky.
I won't do it even if you pay me.
I would freak out! I don't mind being high up but thats taken it a little to far!
So is there some kind of inbuilt toilet? Seriously, how would you go outside to do your business?
If and when they fall, people will say "at least they were doing what they loved."
It definitely brings a whole new meaning to extreme camping!!! Courageous or pure insanity, I can't decide!!
Wow I mean I've been high up but i guess the sky is the limit
This is both amazing and completely frightening. I'm mesmerized. O.O
Sooo.. what is the purpose for doing this sort of bravery stuff???
i do that every morning b4 skool
wowwwwwwww crazyyyy peoples are everywhere????
that's a lot of work just to keep your food away from the bears...
Screw that! My two feet stay on the ground
Having a graet time with frnd and family
Wowsers that is daring, to say the least. I wouldn't be able to sleep a wink!
Wakes up' ahhh its time to start breakfast. Gets up and Steps out of tent' ohhh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit "falling"....
Did anybody think about "where the camera man is standing..?"
Potentially the trip of a lifetime
there isn't enough money in the world to make me want to do that. scary just looking at it.
that's one incredible way to sleep I don't think that I would do that
Accident waiting to happen!! What a bunch of idiots 
better not have that dream of falling
ain't no way in the h - e (double-hockey sticks) , that they would get me up there like that !! o_0
Seriously, this for me is the most amazing picture!
its a hoax he flipped the cam sideways!
that actually looks awesome. i would love to spend a few nights there.
So is thefe room service and house keeping there also. Lol
Jayan R
wow ! that's insane
I would not!!! Repeat would NOT do that.
I love camping, but would not do that.
ive been wanting to do that forever!
Guess you don't have to worry about thieves taking your packs. If they do, screw it, let 'em have them. They worked for it.
OMG! I'm getting anxious just looking at this photo!
they have nothing better to do !!
omg i would be pappin my pants ;)
No to be a cynic, but as all of you guys stand amazed at them hanging, I'm puzzled as how the photographer got that angle

I doubt a helicopter as you would be able to either see the shadow or some of the generated wind.

I'm thinking he took one for the team.
@Laith Khail, I agree that is exactly what I was wondering about.
Call me lame but this seems more like an inconvenience than a good time....
These is what you call living on the edge.
Wow.... I dont know if I would be able to sleep. Id be listening too hard for ropes snapping or anchors coming loose....
I want to be an action man rather than a man sitting behind a computer looking at the action
I'm having a heart attack for just watching them.
!!!!!!!!!!! What the....That's awesome O.O
Shaka G
what are they thinking?
Anil Das
On the plus side, they are completely safe from bears.
Am I lookin at this pic the wrong way nd theyre just on a big rock??
واقعا چه حالی میده وقتی باد هم بیاد
Some people really want to make simple things very complicated.. hehehe this picture is complicated, soooo very...
i would die before falling 4,000 feet high
Vy Tran cool !@@
thats looks so cool but yea no i wouldnt do that 
So... my wife looks at this photo and says "That's proper camping."  (O_O) I fear for our next holiday.
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