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A floating boat or just incredibly clear water?! 

You decide...
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Clear water -- you can see the guy on the right side has his feet in the water. And the line all the way on the left side disappears at the same level where the boat is.
OMG! Where is this beautiful place located? Wish i could go there..
Tay Jay
Niether its on the water but oviously the sun is shinning causing a shadow

The water is so clear that causes an optical illusion! It is in the air boat?
Che parece que flota, Pero En El Aire jajajajaj
Wow, would love to take a swim there.
Like a light dream or an old animation Hogi and friends.
COOL!!! I think it is a shadow in the water!
Either way, we want to be there! Looks like the perfect summer spot.
Pretty cool, it looks like the boat is floating in the air. Nice photo shot.
it is a shadow of the boat. it is very easy to see
Where is that? Last time I saw clear water like this and cliffs was on Malta but I dunno. The water here is also very shallow.. looks like some laguna
Im 100% sure that this is beautiful Malta =]
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