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Great article - Thanks for sharing +Nate Riggs

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Solid advice +Nate Riggs - Thanks!
It's true. We have crossed over into the era of the mobile web. Tablets and smartphone rule the minds of consumers these days.

With that, I'm willing to bet that your company has probably looked at how to bring your business into the mobile market place in some way, shape or form. Trust me though -- brochure ware is not the answer.

Following these three simple principles will help you delight your target consumers with your apps and ink a spot for your brand, right at the top of their minds.

In the post you'll find some good case examples of what's working, a spinkling of Pew Research data on adoption and my own stories and thoughts on the subject.

Hope this helps. :)

Mobile App Utility is the Secret to Winning the Habits of Consumers --

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Anyone find a good use for "hangouts" yet? Aside from the video chatting or collaboration on projects that is...

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It's been nearly a week since Google told businesses not to create G+ profiles yet. What features would you like to see brand profiles have once they're available?

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More tips worth the read/flip >
Created a Google+ guide with 15 tips for newbies. Hope it's helpful.

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