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For those wondering why we're so sporadic on Google Plus -- it's because sometimes we forget it exists. Your patience is appreciated.
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sounds just like a prima donna la team
Rae O.
The one and only +Los Angeles Kings game I went to, I got hit by a puck that went screaming over the glass and straight into my head, just missing my temple by .10th of an inch; courtesy of Rob Blake. I wonder if they have it on film still, it was when they were playing at the Great Western Forum, 1999. They finished the game then took me out in the players ambulance. I never even got a free ticket to a game and developed fibromyalgia from that head injury.
+Roland Davis If you knew Channel 4 news that wouldn't surprise you. Fact checking has never been a strong suite. At least Vancouver, St. Louis and Phoenix know we're in the playoffs. That's pretty much all that counts at this point.
That's OK, there are allot of kings fans here who keep the kings info going, but thanks for trying to keep updating the community.
There is a LA Kings Pinterest page too? Wow, I think I'm going to fold on social media...
There's nothing on it. I tried to get Dewayne to hire me to post for them. No Dice. Probably worried I'd only post hot pictures of Greene, Doughty, and Stoll. :p
Allot of people are tired of Facebook as am i, please Kings organization keep this updated game to game, thanks....
Thanks.....i actually have a Facebook account but i maybe post once or twice a year, lately I've been more active on it because of the kings success in the playoffs, i really like g+ and i hope it becomes more popular.
no worries. Lets go KINGS watching Game 2 now
Now that you have acknowledged it...There is NO excuses! Time to work on your Power Posting...Go Kings Go!
how can u forget that??!!!!!!!
So sorry Rae hope you feel better. I'm a @LAKings fan hope you're ok now though :)
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