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Kopitar's game-winning breakaway in OT seals Game One of the Stanley Cup Final for the Kings.
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That's what I was hopping to see all game. Kopi Kopi Kopi!!!! #GoLAKings!
I called kopitar before the over time began, he is our super star, GO #LAKings!.......3 more to go.....
Amazing win!!! 3 to go!!!! GKG
Great hussle out there #LAKings! Can't wait for Win 2 in Game 2.
What a game! Saw KINGS fans in nj. Love it when LA represents around the country. 3 more wins!
great game i root for neither teams i love hockey
Ron Ng
Kopitar really schooled Brodeur. What a way to win it ... breakaway
yes awesome game. great job taking game 1
Im totally useless at work :)..watching highlights on several websites!!! GKG!!!
As a big LAK fan watched the game in China over a link. LAK demonstrated amazing discipline and maturity in neutralising NJD most agressive players. Fenomenal Kopitar crowned the efforts. LAK where last night a better team. Respects to coach Sutter excelling in tactical setups. Go Kings Go !!!!
A very close fought game but the Kings were the better team last night. This series is shaping up to be the low scoring defensive showcase I expected from St Louis and Phoenix.
Go #LAKings ! Keep playing your game.
I hope they can fix the ice issue before Saturday. The first period was like watching them skate in the mud.
Jan Lap
Kopitar is king (our slovenian king too)..
+Randy Raz Ullon agreed! You'd think the NHL would have ensured a solid ice for a Finals game. I hope they fix the problem fast.
Incredible goal, loved seeing Marty get lit up like that.
What a game great job by the kings to win the first 
Great goal by kopitar
This was such a sick goal. Kopitar had great puck control and waited for just the right moments to put the puck in the back of the net.
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