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Mike Smith and the Coyotes shut out the #LAKings 2-0. This series will head back to Phoenix Tuesday night. Kings still lead series 3-1.
Coyotes vs. Kings - 05/20/2012 - Recap
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they didn't come to play today
Time to regroup. Let's take it to 'em in Phoenix, boys!
Well...its like they didn't even try Quick is better than that and when phoenix got the first goal he kinda fell apart :/
I'll know they will do better Tues. night you guys can do it!
Not a very impressive outing. Phoenix was beatable but the Kings did not come out with a winning attitude. If they play their game Tuesday then the Kings will finish them. No more regular season hockey!
Too bad. Had the Kings won, they would have had a nice long rest while the Devils & Rangers battle it out to Game 7.
Penalty on Williams was the worst call of the playoffs!
The kings have seen better games
We still could have won that game but well win in pheonix.
I must say even though Kings played terrible, they were not outplayed by the Coyotes! Second goal was a pure luck, but hey, Imho it's better they lost now than in the finals!!!

It will be like when Kings played against Canucks and the Blues.
4:1 versus Coyotes and 4:0 versus who ever is in the finals :-) GKG!!!!
As someone said to me as I was leaving Staples yesterday, "We can't sweep 'em all." It is unrealistic to think so. This loss will keep the guys grounded. They know more than ever that they're not invincible. This is actually, in the most roundabout way, a good thing. They know what they have to do to win and they know they can do it. They will execute their game much better on Tuesday. They looked tired at times out there yesterday and maybe they were.

Also, now the 'yotes can howl the howl of defeat in their own house. Their 5 true fans can cry on their own pillows after the game instead of a hotel pillow. GO KINGS GO!
True very true maybe just lost is for a reason you think? And I'm pretty soon they will come back tuesday night just blow them out of the water 3-0 would like to see it happen :)
now they can rest regroup and get ready for 4 more games 
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