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YES FINALLY!!! thank you, we can now officialy raise our banner.
Except Kopi is out with a knee injury! I hope Quick gets cleared to play.
Will this year produce an official champion?

Maybe a shorter season will fire up the players.
Not watching....boycotting your team and the league this year....good riddance...
I'm going to add my two cents on this issue. I am so F**ing tired of all of these athletes and owners who are making millions of dollars to play a game, that when it's all said and done has no real meaning to life and then they say they aren't making enough and want more money or they won't play the game or the owners want lock out the players. Imagine how it would be if the rest of us who actually make a difference in what we do and make S** wages did the same thing. 
Do you think, if we told our bosses that we wanted more money and would not do our jobs until we get what we wanted, that they would hold meetings to see what they could do to make us happier and then turn around and give us a raise that would actually make a difference in our lives? 
Hell NO THEY WOULDN'T!! They would fire us on the spot and hire someone new for less money.  
So they have come to agreement....BIG DEAL!!!  Honestly who cares at this point they only care about themselves and the hell with the  fans.  I am a LA KINGS Hockey fan and I will always be a Hockey fan.  In order to get me follow this shorten season the NHL and the NHLPA need a change in their management and a simple "Thank You Fans" on a players jersey or on a jumbotron screen WILL NOT cut it!  You guys have done this to us before so NHL OWNERS & PLAYERS LISTEN TO THE FANS!!!
Amen Raquel...I boycotted the season following the last lockout/strike as well.....u r right...its just a game...they need my money...I don't need them...and I won't get shit on and keep supporting these guys......good riddance...
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