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2012 Western Conference Champions
Kings vs. Coyotes - 05/22/2012 - Recap
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Woooo! yeah off to the finals for teh second time in kings history
Great game! Keep it rolling guys! Rest up then thump those devils/rangers!
Love the heated debate between commentators regarding Brown's hit. It was not malicious but the losers in phoenix certainly think so. KINGS baby!!!
so happy. best day of my life. I love you kings. We could go all the way until the stanley cup finals
+Alan Toledo Yep, The interference penalty on Doughty was a bad call, the offisides call when he kept the puck in was a bad call, and Brown's hit was clean. Take you loss like a man, Phoenix. The better team won.
Horrible calls against us this game, reffs were not going to deny us this year, that hit by brown was high to low so stop crying, we are 4 wins away from winning the cup, GKG!.....
Goooooooood Morning Kings, the 2012 Western Conference Champions!!!!! :))) Just woke up and u made my Wednesday amazing alreaady (at 7am) !!! Congratulation!!!! Enjoy, take some rest and then win the cup!!!!! Big +1 LA Kings!!!! GKG!!!!
Keep nailing 'em, Brown!!! This is the Kings' year! woot! Arena.
Doan and Hanzal showing some real class during the handshake.
Ron Ng
Here's to a game 7 Rangers/Devils ... go kings go
Great game....Go Kings bring the cup to the west coast
How are the dingos going to bitch about anything when mike smith and doan got away with so many dirty plays, like when williams was on his ass in front of smith he took like 3 cheap shots to his head with the reff right in front of him and didnt call anything, then when penner scored the game winning goal, richards skated by smith and smith took a swiped at richards with his stick, and dont get me started on doan, just diiiiirrttyyyyy.........I say nothing happens to brown, if it was knee to knee he gets suspended, but the replay shows shoulder first thigs second, so get over it you lost we won, i think its cute how they fought to the end thou lol.......bring on whom ever we will steam roll them just like we did the other 3 teams, GKG!......
Great game, guys. Kept the suspence up a bit, but in the end, Pride-Passion-Power won it. Next stop, Lord Stanley's Cup!
Real happy to see the Kings in the finals after a 19 year wait. Their series against Toronto that year was one of the best that I have ever seen. They have become my adopted team since we became Monarchs season ticket holders in 01. Proud to say that I've seen a ton of these guys go up the ranks and become who they are today.
so what's the story about not touching the Conference trophy??
+Uros Kralj It's bad luck to touch another trophy before touching the Stanley Cup. You could even say it's unfaithful, like touching another woman when you're married.
Go Kings Go! Why was Phoenix crying so much? We got a lot of bad calls in this game. Coyotes got their first goal on a PP that shouldn't have been called! Doughty's slide into the post was accidental, and should not have been called a delay of game.
+Leigh Reagan ..ok, i can understand that! What is the percentage of wins if you touched the trophy? :-) ...
I'm a #Canucks fan, and have been cheering on the #LAKings since the debacle that was the 1st round. If the Kings have what it takes to beat Vancity,(It would of been different had Daniel Sedin been in the lineup.) they have what it takes to win #stanleycupplayoffs2012 Quick vs Broduer would be a cool match-up. Go Kings. :-)
Jersey's been to 4 Finals and won 3. Kings - 1 appearance and lost it to Montreal in '93. It's L.A.'s time. As much as I'm a fan of a lot of the Devils team, I'm also a fan of a lot of Kings players as well, (I love the sport and Canucks are my favorite team since 1982) but I'd like to see a team like L.A. win the big prize for the very 1st time.
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