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After sooo damn long... y'all deserve it!  Way too GO L.A.!!
Congratulations, #LAKings!!!
Woohoo i still can't believe it 35+yrs for me so proud of the LAKings 
Still cant believe it!!!! :))) so happy!!!!! :)
From the Minnesota area, congrats to ex-Wild player Willie Mitchell, Hudson native Davis Drewiske, ex-Badger Drew Doughty.
First off all cong.,second it must feel like a double whamy,for suny L.A.,take the Cup from snowy N.J.
make this bigger, and then i'll set this AWESOME thing as my wallpaper
the stuff of legend. the lowly 8th seed took out overdog after overdog. #overachievers  
wooooooh!! yeah! about time gereat job guys
Fantastic win - and the best part is that we did it on mostly home grown talent, with great/key trades,and some tough coaching...
Congrats guys. If anybody was gonna beat the Blues and grab the Cup, I'm glad it was you!
Jeahhhhhh! Congratulations from Germany. Great Work!!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations from Lithuania, i`m very proud of you.
Congrats. Well deserved. Canucks next year.
Jan Lap
Congratulations from Slovenia. I'm very proud of you
Nice pic, the Devils will spend summer on the Jersey Shore, you guys bring the cup to your homes (players). LA Kings!
nice job guy's
congrats from sLOVEnia!
A Mighty Trophy to adorne the halls of the Kingdom and fit for a King! Outstanding Playoffs and Stanley Cup Win...L.A. Kings you are truely now Champions!!!
Given all the ups and downs this season and to come overcome the adversity is so awesome.  Very Happy For Our Kings and Super Stoked for all of the players, management and fans!
I can see another coming soon with this group of guys. Damn good young talent
devils are sooooooo much better 
wow your spelling is amazing whats your average 16%
i think stanley is not spelled stanlry 
ever heard of not being a perfectionist duhhhhh!
YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i dont relly like the kings but when the RANGERS got out i was voting  for kings i relly LOVE THE RANGERS
your a rangers fan me to i just sorta wanted the devils to win 
He's my friend and he was just helping me out and he's not really much of a hockey fan so he doesn't care much
same question and also have u been stalking this conversation
Boo Kings I hate you. You beat NYR how dare you. You should go back to preschool or go watch my little pony. I do not care about ur championship. Go ahead brag all you want. You will never win the cup again. Btw ur not a king ur a queen. Bye Meanie! :3
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